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So, a few hours ago I finally passed the 1 million gold mark. How awesome does 1 million gold feel? About 1/1,000,000th more awesome than 999,999 gold. Obviously, nothing special happens when you pass one million gold, but it does mark the achievement of a major milestone. Along with the pride of seeing that extra digit in your gold total, it's a good time to look back.

I started being interested in gold making long before I was even seriously interested in programming. During the Ulduar days of wrath, I was the GM of a high-end raiding guild, and we went through lots of enchanting mats. Another officer and I discovered the shuffle, and the rest is history (as they say).

I don't consider myself a serious gold-maker by practice, as I've never been involved in more than a handful of markets at a time, and there's some professions I've never even looked at (tailoring, leatherworking, engineering to name a few). Since it first came out, I've always enjoyed (and made lots of gold with) inscription and fittingly that's the sole profession I've used to get my last ~250k in MoP. Over the last few years, I've always been interested in the lesser known methods. Sure I shuffled like mad in cata, but I also sold alchemy leveling kits (before kit selling was main-stream like it is now) as well as thorium brotherhood rep kits (still sell these).

So, what's next? 2 million?

Of course I'll still enjoy gold making and may eventually get another million. However, as many may know, my highest level character is, and has been since the first week of cata, a level 82 rogue named Sapy. Making gold in MoP with professions is much more limited without a max level character than it was in cata. I don't see myself leveling up any time soon. I've played wow for a long time. I lead a top-ranked (for the server) 25-man guild, I've gotten over 2k ratings in 2v2, and in general had a blast playing the game. However, as has been true since a couple months before cata came out and is still true, I enjoy working on TSM (and various other non-WoW projects, of which there are way too many) much more than I would enjoy actually playing the game. So, my next goal in WoW is TSM 2.0.

Updated February 7th, 2013 at 11:28 PM by Sapu94

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  1. Stede's Avatar
    Congrats, Sapu!
  2. Sapu94's Avatar
    Thanks Stede
  3. twitchietgw's Avatar
  4. j311yf1sh's Avatar
    Grats mate! I assume you finally managed to get more starlight ink to hit the mark :P
  5. PhatLewts's Avatar
    Gratz Sapu!

    I think that regardless of your own gold making, you can relish in the fact that it's honestly 99% TSM that makes us all rich. We know the markets and learned the tricks, but if (in some horrid hypothetical situation) Blizzard banned TSM, our gold making, especially our "gold per hour", would take a major hit.
  6. Gimp's Avatar
    Congratulations Sapu
  7. Kathroman's Avatar
    Grats! Don't blow it all in one place...
  8. Sapu94's Avatar
    Thanks guys
  9. Wireddreamer's Avatar
  10. Sinshroud's Avatar
    Whoo look how finally joins the big boys

    If you aren't so keen on aiming for another far off milestone like 2 million, maybe do something different such as work on maintaining 1 million gold while buying whatever you have ever wanted to buy. So basically you are only earning enough gold so that you can buy what you want rather than just earning gold for the sake of having a bigger number.
  11. Sapu94's Avatar
    Thanks sinshroud. There's not much I want to buy as a level 82...maybe I'll splurge on a nice mount or something though