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RE: wow ka-ching thread

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This is what I posted in that thread and I feel like it applies to all projects, and reflects some of the things I've learned working on TSM and interacting with this awesome community, so here it is.

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I could say a lot more here having read all 17 pages of the thread, but I think the main confusion @wow ka-ching has about these forums is the following. He has said multiple times that he doesn't care if people don't use his site, and alludes to this great user-base he already has of happy users. At first glance, his intent was to advertise his site and get traffic. However, my personal viewpoint is that these forums are for the community to discuss strategies and tools and build off each other. This is why posts which are perceived as blatant advertising don't go over well. I'm not saying pure advertising is nefarious, just that I believe these forums are not the appropriate place for it (as has been demonstrated).

From my experience, these forums are the appropriate place for showing off what you've built, showing in detail how people can benefit from it, and requesting feedback on how to make it better. You can find many examples of this in this sub-forum. Unfortunately, at first you refused to give a detailed explanation or provide examples of how people could benefit from it and what exactly it's doing and nowhere on (at least) the first page did you ask for feedback or suggestions on how to make the site better.

I believe that's why you've received the response you have. From reading your posts and the info on your website (which is also lacking any sort of feedback mechanism), every indicator points away from getting feedback on how to make your tool more useful for the community, and more towards "what I made is awesome, come see it". Again, I'd suggest you look at the sub-forum linked above for some examples of the former.

Here's one small example of what I mean.

Just look at the first two sentences on the home page:
wow-kaching is the #1 source of World of Warcraft Auction Sales Data. We developed a special formula to calculates sales that do not include cancellations and players intentionally trying to "poison" the market.
Here is an excellent place to shift from fighting the community into using your site, to convincing the community that they can get value out of your site, and that you care about making it as useful for them as possible. Ignoring the poor grammar for the moment, just those two sentences are a huge turn-off for a lot of people. You're again taking the attitude of "this site is awesome" rather than "here's how this site could be useful for you...". Your home page is an excellent place to show off how your site can be beneficial to gold-makers. For example, if you don't have a realm selected, WoWuction's home page has a list of the features which the site provides, without making any "we're awesome" type claims. If you do have a realm selected, WoWuction's home page shows you a list of bargains followed by the all-important explanation of how that list is generated. Note that the explanation doesn't "give away" the exact algorithm, and also doesn't make any promises of accuracy or being "the best".

Good luck.