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Hello World

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Once upon a time, I ran a TSM development blog on blogspot, but retired it after just under a year for various reasons including not having enough time to post regularly and low readership (possibly related) among other things. This was before these forums had this fancy blog feature.

However, recently there have been things that I've wanted to put into writing that are not specifically TSM or even WoW related, but are generally things I've learned from working with others on a no-pay project (ie TSM and a few other personal projects I have) and / or interacting with TSM users. I've been debating whether to make this a personal blog or a "Sapu" blog (I do tend to keep things separated). I've decided on the latter for a few reasons including the fact that I may be talking about TSM in my posts.

This time there will be differences from my first attempt at a blog. As already stated, I won't necessarily be talking about TSM or WoW specifically, but will instead constrain myself to posting about broader programming, group management, and engineering topics which may or may not include examples from TSM. I don't pretend or claim to be an expert in any of these topics, but am rather sharing my experiences and thoughts. I will not be posting on any sort of schedule, and may go months without a post. There won't be any super-secret TSM updates on this blog (if anything, I'll use the TSM forums for such updates). Lastly, unlike the TSM dev blog which was intended as another way to reach users, I don't expect anybody to read this non-sense .

As I said, I keep RL and WoW pretty separate, but here's some background info that I've generally shared in IRC. I'm a 21 year old student studying computer engineering in CA, USA. I started playing WoW just before BC hit, did all the server first PVE / 2k+ rating 2s stuff that I wanted to and then stopped raiding/PVP'ing a few months before the end of WotLK. My highest level character is currently 82, and yes all I do in WoW is TSM and make gold.

Hello World!

Updated November 14th, 2012 at 11:11 PM by Sapu94

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  1. Sinshroud's Avatar
    Looking forward to reading your ramblings Sapu
  2. Stede's Avatar
    Hello, Sapu! Looking forward to seeing what you've to say on all these things. And of course, the obligatory, "Thanks for such a great add-on!"
  3. Icecreamtruk's Avatar
    Looking forward to read as well. The topic is in my ballpark as a computer engineer myself who has never really worked on non profit programs