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Scavenger Hunt Summary

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Instead of breaking it down into multiple posts, I'm going to post one blog post minus this first one that I posted at the beginning of the contest.

Darkmoon Faire Week (First one)
First I just want to say how hard it was making gold from the 12g a DK starts out with. I think as big time gold makers we forget how grinding out mining/herbalism (or something of the like) to get that initial pool is so tedious, or how good deals are few and far between when you are looking for them along side 6-7 other players.

After getting out of the DK starting area I managed to fish up quite a few pools of debris at the darkmoon faire, to the tune of 4500g+ (leather being the most profitable thing). Of course I invested part of it and used my TSM list of all the contest items to buy some initial items. SSC patterns were something I thought were a lot rarer than they turned out to be, and I apparently paid too much for many of them. It didn't matter though, as I was making progress.

After DMF was over I managed to start leveling my DK. I have an innate love for DK tanking so it wasnt a problem. I was also leveling herbalism/mining on the DK as well. As I was sticking to my normal routine on the auction house of level 77 twink gear, I gathered almost a complete set for my DK in the process. At 70 my mining was high enough to start farming Titanium Ore with Cold Weather Flying. I was able to sell the Titanium for 500g per stack, which was great, not to mention the Saronite and all the Wrath elementals (notably Earth and Shadow which are roadblocks for leveling JC). I kept leveling up and at 77 I got all my twink gear on, and ran into a BG. I figured with the honor I got I could buy some gear at 85, getting me into farming raids that much faster. I soon realized that leveling in BGs took forever and had the brilliant idea of trying to solo Violet Hold. This was one of the best decisions I made in the contest. I did the math and in 20 minutes you get 25% of a level in that bracket and 130g. This means per hour it's 75% of a level and ~400g. At this level range I think soloing dungeons in this way is one of the best ways to maximize leveling and profit.

As I got to 79 VH wasn't getting enough xp for me, so I finished it out with the quests in the Ulduar dungeons. Finally to 80, with my goal in sight, I started leveling through dungeon after dungeon, with breaks in between to push my mining/herbalism. I don't think the mining/herbalism was necessary, but it was good xp and alright gold. I kept pushing my DK and eventually I made it to 84 with a full set of blues (most 325+). So I decided to try my hand at soloing the sunwell.

Now I ran into the sunwell not knowing anything about what to expect, which was silly, and at 84 i actually got killed by the first big add. Ran back managed to kill him, but realized that there was no way I could handle the entire pack, I just didn't have the dps with the blues on. SO back to the grind it was! Got myself to 85 and did what any reasonable goblin would do...filled my low ilvl slots with 377 crafted gear so that I could get into the HoT heroics. The road was a little bumpy as I insisted on tanking them, but decent healers and high dps managed me to get a nice set together.

The first time I queued for a random dungeon with a bag, I got a Hyacinth Macaw pet from the bag. Wouldn't you know it, I had already got that pet, now I had 2! After I got enough 378 gear, and finally the 2 hander from Manaroth, it was time to go back in the Sunwell.

Sunwell 2.0
After gearing up my DK and reading up on the adds, Sunwell seemed as infinitely less of a chore than it originally was. I was clearing all the trash before the first boss in 30 minutes, giving me 2 runs per hour. I chose Sunwell because it seemed that they were the most rare patterns around, both for me and my competitors. The first pattern that dropped for me was a Tailoring Pattern. Nice I needed that one! Next was a LW pattern. Mind you these were hours of farming in between. Almost gave up a few times, but when I finally got the patterns it was worth it. Then I got a 2nd tailoring pattern, YES! The ultimate bargaining chip was mine! But this time something happened I didn't expect. A dialogue box came up saying if I looted it that it would bind to me. My heart sank. I instantly hearthed back to Org, finding what I already knew to be true, that the other pattern I got was indeed BoP as well. After that I got pretty aggravated with running sunwell, and didn't for a while.

Extended Contest
Since the contest was extended it gave me more time to farm raids for those super rare patterns, and I considered using openraid to try my hand at the Ulduar/ToC patterns, but in the end did not. I went into battle for Mt. Hyjal, and found that the trash was very easy to farm, and the droprate for patterns were much higher than Sunwell. I got one pattern myself, but when I saw the other 2 on the AH for under 1k each, I decided that buying them would be a better use of my time.

After getting one item short of a full group my laptop died. This is no bueno as I had only played WoW on this laptop (and unfortunately had all my screenshots on it, which I will post if I can recover). This was a downer for me, as I didn't even have my list on TSM anymore to search for items. The last week I half died, went out with a whimper instead of a bang. I managed to turn in 2 full subgroups, thanks to the Sunwell BoP pattern at least counting for me, which was nice, but still lame RNG gave me a 2nd I could do nothing with. Realizing that the leader got every pattern now in retrospect, I know that there was NO WAY I could have done that, and my hat's off to @Wanamaker for that!


So what have I learned? Gold making is not as easy as I sometimes make it seem, there is indeed a bit of grinding in the beginning, but if you can get past that you can make tons of gold, although it's hard when you spend most of your capital on useless patterns . If I were to do a similar contest again, I would have built my Alliance presence a lot more instead of leveling my DK a ton. I think if I had a better presence on both sides of the server I would have been able to grab more patterns in the long run, but such is life.

I just wanted to also give a shout out to all the contestants that whispered me throughout the contest. It was a lot of fun talking to people who were both your competitors as well as interested in gold making. I had a lot of fun interacting with everyone in the contest, and the entire thing was a whole lot of fun. 10/10 would participate again. Also, congratulations to the guys who managed to get so many groups completed, great job, and I look forward to reading everyone else's blog posts.

Also I want to mention I had the best deal of my gold making career during this contest. Managed to pick up a 77 twink piece for 1 copper. Yes 1 copper. If I ever get my screenshots up, that's one of them. I usually sell these for 500g so 5,000,000% profit? lol. Probably a disgruntled guy or a strange sort of misclick, being at least 4g under the vendor price, but I'll take it!!

So yeah, if screenshots are coming up they will be up Sunday or Monday, so check back then, if not, I apologize for this wall of text!


Phat Lewts


  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    Nice write up, Phat. I was kinda hoping you'd continue on with the RP-styled posts, but I can only imagine how much work that would have been. Interesting strategy. I was curious from the beginning to see how many people would take to farming for themselves.