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  1. Building an Empire 101 - 6. Inscription and brewing

    Inscription seems to be the hottest profession these days due to Glyphmas 2.0 or Glyphs-giving or whatever you want to call it. Since I am starting from scratch I have missed the window on cashing in on this. That is the official explanation, but truthfully I hate glyphs! Whenever someone on these forums starts a new thread including the words “help” or “advice” in conjunction with “glyphs” I am the first one to leap at the opportunity to tell them to get the hell out that market. ...

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  2. Building an Empire 101 - 5. Time investment and infrastructure

    Last week I was very specific on Profession configuration, but this week I want to talk about some general observations.

    The primary observation is that it sucks being poor and how much easier it is to make money when you already have money. This is true in the real world, but it is also the case in WoW. That is the topic of today.

    Lets start with the status as I want to talk based on my current situation.

    Thoughts on GDKP Forum-blog-5-jpg

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  3. Building an Empire 101 - 4. Profession layout

    Hello and welcome yet again to another round of musings on how to build an empire from scratch.
    Last time I rambled about something very abstract, so I will be very specific this time.
    Starting on a new server I am in a unique position to go for the optimal composition, rather than making due with the choices made several years/expansions ago.

    I only expect to have 4 level 85 characters by the start of MoP; I need to take that into consideration for my ...
  4. Building an Empire 101 - 3. Goal breakdown

    Welcome to the third instalment of my blog. As you may notice I try to provide an update on a weekly basis.

    Since last week I have spent my WoW time on actually playing the game… Upon my return to WoW I have felt the sweet rush any addict feels when they give in to their cravings and shoot up again.

    How i make my gold-blog3-0-jpg

    My total gold is abyssal for a Wind Trader with that many hours /played. By the look of this I look even further ...
  5. Building an Empire 101 - 2. Leveling

    Hi everyone it is time for the second chapter of my little blog

    Giving and taking advice
    In my previous blog entry I was quick to provide advice on selecting a server. In the meantime I have learned an important lesson about myself. Apparently, I am good at giving advice and bad at taking advice; even my own.

    Last time I wrote this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Nilaus View Post
    PvP servers will result in ganking while trying to level, to some this is fun but for me this is incredibly frustrating.

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