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Day 3

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Starting off today my gold total is 140,866 gold. Made about 11k yesterday, and reinvested in reseting living steel weapon chains, some transmog, and some cooking mats. I decided to get into the ironpaw shuffle, so yesterday i got my cooking to 525. I also got my mage alt up to lvl 65. In total i bought 26 bundles of groceries worth. It seems like the premium ingredients go 80-110g each on my server, and im able to make the groceries 60-75g each. I havent really decided if i want to sell feasts or what, so im just holding on to them for now.

Turning in the ironpaw tokens is a PITA. Im wondering if there is an addon that makes it easier. managing all the different stocks is logistically difficult.
Another thing i think is funny is that im still selling contenders gear steadily. I dont know if people like the cheaper price tag, or just know any better, or ?

Off for now, just gotta work on glyphs abit, and level my mage some more.