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Road to a million

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As a new years goal for the year, this year i was going to hit 1 million gold.
There have been setbacks, but i think if i take the time to write it out, it will easier for me to stick with it.

My current stash is 129,800 gold, and there are 255 days left this year, which would mean that i need a PROFIT of 3500g per day, every day to hit cap by newyears. (as a note i have 140 living steel, at least 60k worth, i would consider it the same as liquid cash)
I currently get 5-12k each day in my mailbox, but alot of those sales are from living steel beltbuckels, which dont give me a huge markup.

My professions i have maxed are mining, bs, alchemy, and inscription.

This weekend im hoping to get back into inscription in a big way. My scribe is getting close to having all the glyphs, and i am starting to stockpile ink. My plan is to craft 14 of each glyph, and then post them once a day. This way i never have to go to my mailbox.

4:30 Just emptied the mailbox, was 10,500 sitting in there, looking through sales, it was all from epic shoulder enchants, with some bs pvp gear thrown in. Though i dont like to, i may have to use the ink trader to restock my shoulder enchants. I also managed to pick up 200 stacks of herbs that make ethereal ink, for 6g per stack. Though i would prefer to stick to mop herbs just for the starlight inks, being able to craft glyphs for 3.5g each is attractive. Tonight will be milling and crafting (and wpvp).
Im leveling my second alt(jc and enchanting), which is at 63 right now. Im hoping to get him to 80 by next weekend.

Alright, im out


  1. Zerohour's Avatar
    Come on Neo, you can do it. There's opportunity on the AH, I've hit the mill mark 4 times since the New Year. Diversify!