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The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt Part 4 + Natas New Realm Rules

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I’ve learned a lot, and my experience has lead to these 10 rules I plan to follow whenever I switch to a new realm with limited capital. Note: If you are looking for specifics, they are not here…if you want details look in the post above. This will tell you details of what I did for a limited period, for a specific goal, on a unique server influenced by an influx of goblins during a gold period severely affected by D3 release.

I’ll flat out tell you right now, those details are wrong for you to apply blindly…useful…but wrong. If you want my theories for your own customization so you can make your own specific plan, keep reading and apply as practical to your situations. The specific details you come up with are the only ones that may be correct for you.

  1. Research & Development – Knowledge is extremely powerful to master your realm and hit your goals. A few minutes showed little competition for leather, hence my choice of skinning.
  2. Don’t Wait – I delayed my Ally toon by approximately 2 weeks…however my total sales were less than half that of my Horde Toon. I realize this is an Apple to Orange comparison, however my qualitative experience during the competition was I didn’t have enough liquid gold on my Ally toon to take adavantage of all the deals they had on the AH. If I had started sooner, I would have built up more gold earlier to take advantage of those deals, which would have given me even more gold earlier, etc. I missed my potential hugely by delaying.
  3. No profit is too little profit. – If it’s a choice of 2g profit or no profit…choose the 2g profit. That 2g profit can win you many items in the future (I got 28 GCE’s for 1 silver a piece early in the competition).
  4. Lazy loves the Limited – Every AH town has limited supply items and/or vendor recipes…use them. I chose Silvermoon & Stormwind, all work however.
  5. Liquid Gold is Useless Gold – OK bad oversimplification. Liquid Gold serves its purposes, however only if you are actively in a position to use that liquid gold. Personally…I’m lazy and love to sleep…and while sleeping I am not available to use that liquid gold. When starting out, I will never call it a night with liquid gold in my inventory (or at least much). Use that gold (see Bid it to Win it) and repost anything you bought outright.
  6. Bid it to win it! – Make sure you bid on underpriced bid items if buyout is normal. This serves two purposes…you either get a cheap flip item, or you “protect” a certain amount of gold for deposit fees. I can’t tell you the number of times previous night sales were low, resulting in me having to rely on outbid and/or cancelled auction gold returns to continue to post. You will get outbid, they will cancel auctions…but not all .
  7. Farm Smarter, Not Harder – Sometimes farming is a necessity, but personally…I hate it. If you are one of those who love it, more power to you. For me however…not so much. My recommendations are to multi-farm in small increments. When farming for the [Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)], I used my skinner/herber and farmed the thousands of animals and all nodes I saw. Never did I set out to only farm one item. You could do the same with any commodity (cloth, ore, etc) provided one doesn’t distract you from the main goal (in this case Competition Items).
  8. Addons are your awkward friend – Always assume addons are inherently wrong, but are a useful tool. I’m not saying the coding is wrong, that’s generally right (or quickly fixed) and the coders who program the addons do a fantastic job. What can be wrong are the assumptions, and applications of these tools. Addons simplify your decision making based on goblin experience. You still need to make the decision, and you need to develop your experience. A Goblin should never be able to blame an addon. It might me nice tho for an addon to blame the goblin. Having TSM have a pop-up saying “Natas…you are a dumbass” every time I make a bad decision would definitely teach me to make fewer bad decisions.
  9. Use every advantage you can – Big advantages I used in this competition included joining lvl 25 leveling guilds ASAP to facilitate farming. Those Bountiful Bag Procs add up after 3,000+ skins of creatures in search of the Black Tabby.
  10. MMO’s…no longer just a single player game! - I crossed off multiple items in part due to the support of a player I met in-game on the server, Rofllmaoo. Rofllmaoo did numerous raid runs for me, and offered me first choice on the recipes to buy. Consequently I returned the favor and offered top dollar on those recipes. A Win-Win. Win-Win situations exist in essentially all markets (finding farmers for guaranteed buys, in-game consortiums, in-game production lines, etc). Make use of them.


  1. Sinshroud's Avatar
    Nice advice.
  2. Wanamaker's Avatar
    Good job with the "definitely not a Blogger, nor much of a Forum writer for that matter"blog, Natas. Maybe you should start doing it more.
  3. theatermusic87's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wanamaker
    Good job with the "definitely not a Blogger, nor much of a Forum writer for that matter"blog, Natas. Maybe you should start doing it more.

    Also I had dealings with Roflllmao and he is anxiously awaiting the return of a that i promised him. While i didn't directly buy anything from him, he did make purchases from me, and I kind of figured he was working for you
  4. Kathroman's Avatar
    Good list. This is a really solid framework for launching or re-launching a gold-making venture.
  5. Natas's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the comments...this might be the biggest benefit to me, the confidence i've gained to try further blogging posts (maybe regarding pricing theory...that's come up fairly freqently recently...we'll see).