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The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt Part 3

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The Results
Well this wasn’t so much a gold making mistake as a blogging mistake…I really, REALLY wish I had taken better notes & kept better records. Thanks to MySales addon, I recorded some, but there’s so much more I would have liked to report looking back.

I managed to collect a total of 29 items…I was so close to finishing the full set, which would have been fantastic and is the reason I lost phase 1 of the competition. I have to give mad props to @Wanamaker , who succeeded in obtaining every item in the competition.

I re-invested my gold and/or bought competition items almost as soon as I accrued any form of gold stockpile. Therefore, it ended up not being feasible to track liquid gold. I did however track total sales, and total value of sales daily thanks to MySales. Below is a plot of both AH toons, the left axis is the number of sales, while the right axis is the total value of those sales. It is important to note the slope; a steep sales slope indicates I am actively replacing my sold items and essentially “growing,” a shallow reducing slope indicates my inventory isn’t keeping up with sales and I’m running out of stuff to sell, hence my market effect is shrinking.
How i make my gold-capture-jpg

A few things are highlighted in the above plot and my interpretations are below:

  1. The 3600g profit from the [Schematic: Lifelike Mechanical Toad] Schematic Lifelike mechanical toad definitely kick started my Horde gold.
  2. The slope of my sales line began to reduce. I attribute this to poor inventory management. Sales were going great immediately prior to this…and I forgot to restock. The only reason it kicked back up is due to #4 below.
  3. Hypothetical lost sales due to Ally delay – A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. Lost sales may be on the order of 60k gold .
  4. Gotta love Darkmoon Fair fishing for Sealed Crate. It increased my sales slope (hence my value).
  5. The last two weeks I was in the hospital getting medical testing done….it obviously shows I wasn’t making sales =(.

Lessons Learned
This was a difficult competition for me. Historically, I haven’t flipped. Professions have made me my gold caps. Therefore I felt like someone came and took a baseball bat to my knees, then told me to go run a marathon. I had to pull off of every theory I knew, and had read in passing, to be successful. As a goblineer, this competition helped me grow in unimaginable bounds. The fact that I pulled in large sums of money without professions has motivated me to add these into my day to day operations (maybe on a slightly reduced scale lol…this competition was intense). Furthermore, I forgot many strategies during this competition that I should have employed (and many of my competitors successfully did employ). The fact that I forgot them, means I am not using them enough in my day to day operations for a substantial loss of revenue (I’m thinking specifically transmog gear).


  1. Wanamaker's Avatar
    The conclusions your coming to are mine as well. Professions are great at steady income and can make us lazy. Although there is something to be said about putting gold making on cruise control.
  2. theatermusic87's Avatar
    Since the contest I've almost completely given up on professions... I'm doing pretty much solid flipping... ~1000 items a day on 48 hour listings... and I'm selling almost 80% of them... for a much simpler profit... i.e. no inventory to manage, mats to track down, etc. Only profession I'm still doing is enchanting...

    While flipping was part of my day to day before the contest it's taken over because of its' crazy return on time invested...
  3. Kathroman's Avatar
    Nice analysis. It's really cool to hear how much you've actually seemed to gain in the end. Your bankroll will likely thank you in a couple months