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The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt Part 2

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The Farm
The Disgusting Oozling was my first pet obtained from the Shifting Mireglob in Swamp of Sorrows. I got lucky, and found it in my third bag (after farming over 30 of them and waiting to open…grr…Mistake #3…at least it bumped me over level 60 which helped the second pet farm). Second Pet Farmed was the [Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)] Cat Carrier, black tabby. Although a zone drop, I wanted to be as efficient as possible (if you gotta farm, farm smart). Therefore I targeted the herd of Wild Horse horses as they have a fast respawn and came to me. I found the spot on their loop where if I AOE’d them down (D&D, blood boil), I would be able to loot them, skin them (primarily light and medium leather) and a few seconds later they would be back to repeat the process. It was painfully slow…I kept expecting to see written on the rolling hills the words “Sorry for the Inconvenience.” and a certain clinically depressed robot slowly waddling towards them. I think in need to re-read that book. 3,781 kills later and finally, success!

If there is one pet I hate to farm…its that stupid [Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)]. I felt as frustrated as trying to catch a greased piglet. Still I persevered, and thousands of pirates met their demise at the edge of my ax. 5794 beheaded pirates later and I finally got bacon =).

That stupid [First Mate Hat] eluded me…I blame the North Sea Kraken. If the Kraken didn’t eat the only pirate with the hat, I must be cursed…cause 14,576 pirates died at my feet…I’m almost tempted to continue farming, just to see when I get it…


The Flip
Before I get too far into here, I gotta say…I got lucky. On Day 3 I bought a [Schematic: Lifelike Mechanical Toad] Schematic: mechanical toad for 1g 20s (horde side). I flipped this the next day for approximately 3600 (I needed the gold ASAP, therefore priced it as less than I usually would have).

I focused on “quick flip” items, specifically raw materials. I forced myself to do 12 hour auctions because:

  1. It forced me to log on every 12 hours to repost
  2. I was online frequently to scan the AH to snatch and repost
  3. I could scan the AH for Competition items.

I also quickly noticed the weekend prices absolutely plummeted for Cata level mats, but recovered during the week. I profited on this by buying hundreds of stacks of ore, herbs, and leather on the weekend, and flipping mid-week. This is probably a common phenomenon, but on my home realm, it is not the case so it caught me by surprise.

Mistakes 4, 5, and 6 occurred while flipping and severely impacted my potential.

Was Natas really that dumb?
Homer Simpson put it best…“DOH!!!!” I made mistakes….Oh so many mistakes…pages worth of mistakes…Here are only a few that I can’t help but cringe at as I type:

  1. I got so caught up on Childrens week, I missed an even better opportunity…Darkmoon fair salvage fishing. I traded 1,000-2,000+ gph for…200gph if lucky…SCORE! At least I managed to remember for the second Darkmoon Faire.
  2. There is this thing called posting fees…they are slightly important so you don’t end up with a bag full of limited supply items, and no money to post them.
  3. RNG is RNG, except when you try to beat RNG…When farming the [Disgusting Oozeling] the bags when you get them…you might save hours of farming =(.
  4. Don’t tunnel vision flip…more than just wool cloth can be snatched and resold for profit…
  5. Break the habits. I got so into mats flipping I missed a huge market…transmog. I bet my competitors made a killing on that area while I twiddled my thumbs saying “Look at me! I gots tha mats!”
  6. Breaking News in the World of Warcraft! There are two factions. Starting my Ally 2 weeks into competition destroyed my options on that side. I got one item from Ally…


  1. Wanamaker's Avatar
    3rd bag! I hate you.

    3,781 kills! I hate you more. I slaughtered those horses like mad. They have a lesser drop rate than other mobs in the area though.

    I'm wishing I did my final post in parts now. You're doing great. Onto part 3.
  2. Kathroman's Avatar
    Interesting - it's cliche but true, we generally learn more from our mistakes, don't we? The thing that I think most people forgot about with farming some of these items yourself is the potential to make additional gold while doing so - double dipping by saving yourself having to acquire the gold to purchase them off the AH. That really levels the old GPH playing field more than I think people would expect.