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The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt Part 1

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Well let me start out saying, if you read this whole thing I will be amazed…I’m definitely not a Blogger, nor much of a Forum writer for that matter. Still with a little luck, this won’t be too painful for you, and who knows, it might help someone out (much stranger things have happened in the life of the Internet).

I entered this competition on a nervous whim. Many of my competitors I know are some of the top gold makers on the Consortium Forums. My goals for this competition were mostly personal…I wanted to see if I could do it and if my 2-year tenure as a gold maker amounted to anything. I knew I was at a slight disadvantage with only one account, severely limiting my cross faction options.

When the realm, US-Magtheridon was announced, I immediately researched. The research wasn’t intended as which realm to be exclusively on, but rather which realm would have the support of a level 58 DK farmer. I scanned all setup tabs in The Undermine Journal, concentrating mostly on farmed mats, for both factions. Wowuction provided great long term insight into the realm economy, and finally I looked up the Population , which showed Horde as generally larger. Consequently, my Goblin DK was decided. Additionally, this made fast(ish) farming as I could call my banker immediately to deposit and open bag space.

I had already planned out my strategy before the competition began. With this many highly talented competitors, I knew I had to get the jump on them.

The Challenge
This is the first competition I have competed in wow. My gold making to date has relied on time tested strategies that did not worry about needing liquid gold on immediate basis. This competition was extremely challenging for me…I am bad at balancing purchases and gold reinvestment, and that is exactly what this competition, especially in the beginning, was all about. I consciously passed up on some rare competition recipes as to do so would have decimated my liquid gold and ability to reinvest (90%+ tied up in non-sellable item). This is especially painful now, as one of the items I passed up is all I need to finish the full competition…

General Strategy
With this many phenomenal competitors all on the same realm, I knew I had to hit it hard and fast. I made many, MANY mistakes…and rather than list them all here, they deserve their own section (towards the end…gotta at least look somewhat successful…even if it was all luck).

My general startup consisted of the following:

  1. Level a Bloodelf hunter through to Silvermoon (mostly through farming the next step)
  2. Farm Small Eggs (Children’s week was on therefore fast and profitable sellers). Mistake 1 made (see Part 3 for mistakes).
  3. Post the Eggs.
  4. Remainder bought limited supply, Silvermoon items. Mistake 2 made.
  5. Log and Start DK.
    1. Every time I passed a vendor, I sold whatever I had in my inventory.
    2. Every time I passed the mail box I sent my Bloodelf the gold, logged over, bought more limited supply & posted.
    3. Rinse and Repeat til out of DK starter zone. Ended up selling 3 limited supply items during my DK leveling.

  6. Starter gold achieved and started flipping, specifically using “bid it to win it” strategy.

Once I was established, my DK worked to complement my Bloodelf. My DK professions were Herbalism and Skinning. I knew a few things based on research:

  1. Pets & First Mate Hat were Rare &/or very expensive comparatively.
  2. Sunwell & TOC recipe’s seemed few and far between.

As a Level 58 DK, everything in number one was farmable. Everything in number two wasn’t feasible. Therefore, rather than spend high cost on the pets, I saved the gold for use to buy recipes and farmed the Pets and First Mate Hat. Farming also gave me a fairly substantial & consistent income source through raw mats (specifically leathers & cloths).


  1. Wanamaker's Avatar
    Nice, can't wait to read part 2.

    So far we are very similiar in our approach of researching the server, picking out characters, and identifying the key items needed to win
  2. Kathroman's Avatar
    Sounds like you put a lot of thought into your initial strategy. Very thorough. Also, very interesting to hear about that one opportunity you missed early on. I wonder how things would have played out had you snatched it. Do you think you would have been able to generate enough liquid gold quickly enough in order to not miss out on other items as well?
  3. Natas's Avatar
    @Kathroman, it would have been close, but the really frustrating thing is the items i "snatched" by not getting the hat showed up multiple times later, therefore in retrospect it would have been so much better to get the hat when it was available. I generally didn't have much difficulty developing liquid gold fairly rapidly once i hit critical mass...the hat i saw was approximately 4 or 5 days before i hit that critical mass point, so spending all the gold then would have severely hampered my future profits. Even with 20/20 hindsight...i'm unsure what would have worked out for the best. Interesting problem to have though.