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Garrison Ideas

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Well following about a 1 year hiatus from WoW, Iíve been drawn back. The feature that caught my eye is the Warlords of Draenor garrisons.

Iíve always wanted to leave a mark on the land Iíve conquered, and hate giving the land Iíve won up when new crises arise. Thatís what I want from garrisons, my niche carved in the worlds I visit. Even though garrisons were just announced, my brain is already awhirl with opportunities and ideas for garrisons, hence the reason for this blog post.

The following are ideas Iíve had, and honestly I doubt people will read this (especially since its not directly gold related), but I like talking concepts so here it is . Please note, I refer retro-actively to older expansions to give examples of concepts, and while I would love to have a Storm Peak Castle, I doubt that will happen.

  1. A garrison an expansion
    1. I want my garrison to fit the land, and be a permanent feature of that land. I donít want an Outland style garrison within a Northrend settingÖIíd freeze my horn off. Each garrison should be permanent, or limited to be moved around the world it was constructed in.

  2. A ďlinkĒ between garrisons
    1. If there is a garrison in each expansion land, I want to be able to visit each of them from my own garrisons. My thoughts are a portal between each of your own garrisons. I donít want the portal to be automatically available, but something I should work for; an epic questline, a huge mage recruiting cost, having to setup the next expansion garrison & ďmineĒ that worldís materials (wood, stone etc) to send back to the old garrison to build a portal, specific achievements, or any combination of those.

  3. Ability to move followers to new lands
    1. Iím too sentimental for my own good (heck I still have my very first hunter petÖfrom Mulgore). If I have a loyal follower, I want to be able to bring them with me. Some ways this could happen:
      1. It could be as simple as having them ďon loanĒ for brief periods from the old garrison, limited to 1 week at a time (with a 1 week cooldown). During that time they act against your maximum number of followers. Follower leveling could get a little complicated here.
      2. A permanent move, leaving the old garrison undermanned (or requiring additional recruiting in the old world).
        1. To restrict overuse, it could be made that in order to recruit a new person from the new world, you need a free slot. An old garrison follower takes a slot.
        2. The old garrison, if undermanned, has an increased probability of successful NPC raids...move 1 and there is a 10% chance of successful raid against you, 2 and 20%, etc. Each raid costs money to repair and/or reduces your followers by a certain amount, leaving you more open for attack. Could allow a grace period, say faction guards who come for certain periods after a raid, allowing time to re-establish your teams & rebuild.

  4. Professions
    1. In order to have a garrison in each world, profession recipes would need to be limited to those added during that expansion. Or, have them backwards compatible; you can craft MoP items in WoD garrisons, provided you have that building in your MoP garrison and WoD garrison.

Thatís all Iíve got for now, but Iím sure there will be more. Many of my concepts above may over complicate the garrisons, and would result in their untimely destruction. Or it could liven up the old worlds by bringing veterans of foreign wars home to visit. I havenít even touched on the many gold making opportunities garrisons might make available to us Goblins. Those Iíll have to resist expounding on until more details are known.

Like I said, Iím super excited for these. I hope they morph these into long term features, and donít become like the salted land that will be all that is left of my farm when WoD is released.

Either way, Iím back!
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