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Noob to Noob, surviving on a Low pop server Week 3

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Really boring week gold wise, nothing epic happened other than i forgot to run my desktop addon for a few days. Only other thing I did was run a cancel post undercut scan late in the afternoons on high volume evenings. Results here.

Gold earned 50,055g
Gold per day 7,150g

Gold spent ,7988g
Spent per day 1141g

Profit Total 42,066g
Profit per day 6,009g

So the notables here are the lions share of my expenses were ghost iron ore. Learned the value finally of picking it up on the cheap and stockpiling it. I thought that I could always find it at price on the AH and got caught short a few times. I also sold my first crafting piece so that was a nice boost to the bottom line. Any way three weeks in, excited to see what my first 30 day results will be!