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Noob to Noob, surviving on a Low pop server Week 2

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So this week I wanted to focus the plan I developed week two without making too many mistakes. Had kinda a bad start, ended up missing a day, official story is i had to travel for work, what really happened is a guy two doors down cut power to the entire trailer park since he thought aliens were going to abduct him and were tracking him through his appliances. We are really really hoping he is not crazy and that aliens ARE going to abduct him.......

So what I did was keep the same professions as i mentioned before. Posing on the AH ten of each of the large sellers and 3 of each of the slower pieces. Gems worked out to be the best so far and leather working had some pretty high profit margins. Still only making MOP crafts cause I want to really get them down before I move into other gem markets.

My day is buy ore, buy spirit dust at the prices I set, so some days I buy none, some days I buy a lot. Got an entire bank tab now full of spirit dust, not sure what I am gunna do with all of it, enchants I qm sure and maybe flip some of it, either way kinda exciting. After I have my mats, I cut and enchant and make my leather armor kits. Do my daily cooldown on each toon and that is it. 30- 45 Minutes tops. Also do the TSM disenchant search and Transmog search.


Total gold 7 days 46,051g
Gold per day 6,578g

Gold spent 7 days 13,064g
Spent per day 1,943g

Total Profit 7 days 32,446g
Profit per day 4,635g

I also now have magnificent hides, ghost iron ore and a bank tab full of spirit dust (exciting!). My AH volume is about 128k.

Now to my mistakes. Made only one really that I can think of. I bought a few pieces of transmog gear that cost around 500g. Sure the payoff will be like 5k profit when they drop but I started thinking about it... that same 500g could be used to buy 3 sha crystals with 150g left over. The bracer enchants go for about 600g on my server. So on a daily basis I could be making between 150g and 250g a day for that same initial 500g investment. Diversification is good but even if I had 1MM gold I am not sure that would be a good purchase unless there was not a better return anywhere else on the AH. Strike where the yield is higher over and over again until you hit diminishing returns would be the most prudent course.

My wins. Ok this pertains to me. Again my goal is not to be a full time gold maker as I mentioned in my first blog entry but instead just to supplement my raiding without working to hard. You know that time preraid when there is always somebody needing to reforge, gem, chant or eat? Seems like there is always 15 minutes of waiting before a raid. So instead of jumping up and down in the middle of the shrine (very entertaining btw) I started doing my iron paw quests, two noodle ones (yes I did the timewaste isle quest, don't judge) and the daily. Then I buy grocery of the moment and post it on the AH. Only do this three times a week as that is my raid days but when I put it on a schedule it will be done and brings in gold each month from time I would just be standing around anyway.

Things learned. Re-posting auctions. I started doing a cancel post on gems, enchants and armor kits. I am not really doing this to undercut but more to make sure when I am raiding working or sleeping my auctions are always up and running. I stagger my crafting during the day when i have time so things get posted at different times and I was finding there would be hours when posting would have fallen off. So I do a repost morning and maybe evening depending. Gem fishing. Sorta learned this by accident. I posted some gems at a pretty low price and instantly got whispered by a guy who thought I was trying to crash the market. He said I was undercutting him by about 40g and no one was between us in price. So I went back and started looking at my setting and etc and nope I was set to undercut by 1c. I was confused so I went and looked at the AH, nope there was a guy between us that I was undercutting and 4 more gems got posted after me at that low price. Soooooo I bought them out and reposted at a much higher price and got sales. Reminds me of a thread I read and commented on here, when someone is undercutting you below mat prices let them. It is not sustainable and all you do is build inventory. Sorta like outsourcing to China. Not sure if this is a strat but I am going to see if I works this upcoming week and will comment on it.

Well that is it. Steady if small gold growth, but the end of my 3rd week going from 500g and 24k worth of mog gear to over 40k and 128k or so on the AH with now building stockpiles of mats I am happy. Slow steady growth and I hope to hit the 1MM gold benchmark before WoD. Will post next Wednesday unless the aliens abduct the entire trailer park.


  1. jerry48038's Avatar
    This is great. It makes me miss my old med/low pop server. With my limited playtime I do not see nearly these results on my high pop realm.
  2. MoosofDoom's Avatar
    Wow I thought hi pops servers would be total money printing machines.... but I guess you have to have a lot of time.