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Noob to Noob, surviving on a Low pop server.

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I have never been a gamer and only playing wow for since MOP. Joined to play with my son and do progression raiding 3 nights a week, now just gearing up our alts on normal and heroic waiting for new content so gold making is not my priority in WOW. My schedule only allows me an hour a day at max for gold making. I am 600 and fully developed in JC, Mining, Enchanting, BS, Engineering, LW, Herbal-ism and Alchemy between my and my son's toons. I made a bank alt a few months ago and never really did much with it. A week or so ago I decided to try my hand at the AH and to make gold in general. So I looked around the net a bit and settled on this site to land and spoke to a wind trader here with low pop experience and I am off to the races so to speak.

Here is my goal. Helping people on low pop servers whose main goal is not gold making be able to find some success based on my experiences, epic fails, wins and general concepts. I have looked all over the internet for such and usually find people on high pop severs who say "oh its easy, just ore shuffle and you can sell a bajillion gems in a month, you will be fine". First I dont have the gold or time to farm ten bajilion ore to make a bajilion gems and if i did my server only move a finite number a day as I have been able to find out (more on this later).


I started 7 days ago with 500 gold, and an AH volume of 25K almost exclusively Transmorg items and some low level enchanting mats.


Trade skill master (TSM). The guy who made this should have his face on wow money, so should the guys to made the video and printed guides to this gem, just sayin.... I keep this really simple cause I am not that smart. I use the desktop updater, all my settings are wowuctionmarket except for my transmogs which are wowuctionmedian. Let me discuss what I do in groups

Transmogs: Okey really simple here. Use transmog group listed here and my "blue 5" rule. If the % of max value is shown in blue and it is five gold or less..... I buy it. A guy in my guild laughed at me telling me how much money I was losing reposting it every two days, but if i sell even one piece (which I have) it will cover all future postings for a long time. Oh and I never post patterns, not sure why, I just dont do it.

DE Search: Again simple. If it shows blue as to mat value I get it no matter the number. If it is yellow and I can get a group of 3 or more I buy it. Seems to move well, not huge money but it is always there and takes little to no effort.

Snaches: I set up seperate groups under a Snatch main group (no snickering please) for Ghost Iron, Kyperite, Ethereal Shards, Sha Crystals, Spirit Dust and Magnificent Hide. I used the Undermine Journal (UMJ) to determine my buy price.

UMJ and wowuction site

Here is sorta the meat of it. I use UMJ to set my snatch price (enough with the snickering). Not sure if i will do this every week but what I do is look at the graph history and chose a close to bottom price and then set the gold amount in TSM from there. The wowuction site keeps me safe. Things can show as very profitable but maybe only one of them a quarter sales so it keeps me from making 50 of them. With wowuction you can see sales as well as listing price so you can get a good idea if something is selling or not. It also gives an estimate on how many of each item you should post but I don't really follow that, I just use it to see what IS selling. And I don't think UMJ or wowuction rolls the connected realms AH together so it would not be accurate anyway.

Really that's it. Other than my crafting cooldowns that's all I do for gold. Takes about 45 minutes a day even for a slow guy like me.


Tried to upload a jpg but limited by file size so I will write it all out here.

Sales (last seven days)
Gold earned: 25,590g
Gold per day: 3,655g

Purchases (last seven days)
Gold spent: 17,460g (other than purchasing embersilk bags for my banker this includes an epic fail listed below)
Gold per day: 2,494

Balance (last seven days)
Gold Total: 8,129
Gold per day: 1,161g

(Epic Fail) Kyperite debacle. Soooo I was doing an ore shuffle. I noticed that I was getting a deal on kyperite. Hit the AH (blizzard interface on TSM) it was listing kyperite at the price i wanted, so I started buying not realizing it would not show the current price of what I was buying like TSM did. So I over payed like 5K for kyperite that day. Never use first page of the auction tab, always the TSM one. would have had almost 1K more a day profit from that.

So that is it, one week results. Did I get undercut, oh yeah. Did I make mistakes? Totally. Is my AH slow? Umm it is in the bottom 15 of wow economies, not 15% the number fifteen, the realms we merged with also very very very weak. Did I only spend an hour a day? After setting up TSM as I already described, absolutely. If you read this far and have not fallen asleep on your keyboard, gracias. My method is keep jamming things in the AH build volume and they will start selling. I will be posting results every week and listing what I am trying new, listing my wins and fails and anything I learn along the way.
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  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    My method is keep jamming things in the AH build volume and they will start selling.
    As crude as it may seem, this really is the most effective way to start building momentum. I've found that many people starting out get trapped in a mindset that their success is directly tied to their raw gold amount, alone. As you increase your inventory (assuming it's not a bunch of useless, un-sellable stuff) you increase your gold-making POTENTIAL, which leads to more volume, over time.

    In the end, it's nice to see what you're doing. I was on a low-pop server myself back in the day (first half of Cata), so I appreciate the challenges. It's also nice to see someone out there, trying to "figure it out" on their own. I like seeing what people's thought process is with gold-making. Especially given that we're all essentially doing the same things, looking at motivations and methodologies is where you'll find the true diversity.

    Keep it up