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I'm Back!

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Real life devoured me pretty heartily at the start of Mists, coupled with the complete and utter dissolution of my primary guild. Disappointed with the state of things, I left WoW for a bit, only returning at the launch of Warlords. With the amount of insanity that weekend posed, coupled with the lack of flight after hitting level cap (yes, I'm one of *those* people), I wasn't any more impressed, and I took off again for greener pastures, namely where I wasn't required to pay out a monthly fee to play.

A co-worker recently coaxed me back through talk of the introduction of Draenor Pathfinder, which coincided with Blizzard's game sale. I could add another fully-expanded account for less than $20? Insanity! Couple all of that with the WoW Token, and my interest in WoW, and my love of goblineering, was rekindled.

Since I started back up, I've managed to grind out Pathfinder, add two new accounts to the previous four, reactivate the previous four, get a second toon to 100, grind all rest of my alts to 90 and start creeping them to 100, add a couple of extra 90 alts, and make enough gold to finance several new garrisons and game time tokens.

So yeah, baby, I'm back. Now I just need to pick a server to main on, and find a new guild to hang out with.