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I'd wonder if everyone became suspect of a "free lunch" if I didn't know for a fact that there are plenty of folks out there who would eagerly extend their hands for whatever you might give to them. Perhaps I'm just not marketing correctly, though lord knows I'm trying. Couple that with the apparent inability folks have to follow basic rules, and I'm left scratching my head.

What am I babbling about? I'm hosting a Mists of Pandaria expansion giveaway on my blog, and despite what I feel are very simple instructions and a large number of unique page views, I've only had a handful of actual entries. Perhaps it's that most of the people viewing it have already purchased MoP, though from what I've heard from nearly everyone I've spoken to, this isn't the case. Or it could be that they're doubtful there's actually a prize to be had, from a blog so new, despite me having already given away a Pandaren Monk earlier in the week.

I don't know. It's just frustrating sometimes, this feeling of having to chase people down and pin them to the ground in order to give them something nice.


  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    Don't sweat it. I've tried giving away services valued at $1000+ for my RL business and hardly received much response. Some food for thought:

    1) These types of contests are better suited for growing a platform, once you already have a foundation built, not for creating one out of nothing.
    2) These probably aren't the sort of people you'd like to attract anyway. If they are just there for the free stuff, they'll be less likely to digest your content, anyway. I respect the assumption: "if I can just get them here, they'll read my awesome posts and be hooked", but I think it's built on some faulty logic. If you want to blow people away with your awesome content, you need to find people who are looking to be blown away by awesome content in the first place. Free swag doesn't accomplish this, for hopefully obvious reasons.
  2. Mithrildar's Avatar
    I agree with Kathroman.

    Something I also don't like to do is sharing and liking. I'm not a big fan of posting game related stuff on my Facebook as I know that 75% of my friends aren't interested and the other 24% don't play WoW. The ones who are interested in WoW aren't interested in goldmaking. So I'd rather keep it away from my Facebook.

    Instead try to focus on posting quality content, be unique and give people a reason to read your blog. It might sound crazy but most people aren't interested in what you enjoy about gaming or in life unless you are called Kungen or w/e.

    Good luck with the blog though
  3. Kathroman's Avatar
    Lol. This is why I have 3 twitter accounts (1 personal, 1 business, 1 WoW) and 2 facebook pages (1 personal, 1 business). On top of that, I also have 3 email addresses that I regularly use (personal, business and Wow, again) and 3 blogs (...personal, business, and wow, in case you hadn't already guessed).

    Keeping track of everything is a nightmare, but the moral of the story is that this ISN'T NORMAL, and @Mithrildar is right - people tend to keep WoW-related things at a distance from their personal life, ie. facebook, especially if there are professional/business implications on the line.

    There's nothing worse, IMO, than finding some small company's website with a twitter feed embedded and the tweets end up all being the CEO or owner going on about pics of their dog. Unless you dog works in shipping, or HR or something, you need a second twitter account for this.
  4. Dru's Avatar
    Knand, totally unrelated to your issue here - on your blog it says you've got a stack of raid food and flasks in your bag, ready to go.
    Just want to drop you a little note and let you know that the vendor food you can get from the first innkeeper you come to in Pandaria will be better than the raid food in your bag. Even if you've got Seafood Magnifique feasts, that will only give you +90 to your favorite stat; the vendor food will give you +100. It seems like you might be trying for realm first or maybe just guild first... either way that little bit of difference will help.
    (For Alliance this is the innkeeper in Paw'don Village, not sure what town you Horde make it to first.)

    Good luck!