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[Cross-Post] Pinging The Radar

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Just posted this on my gaming blog, figured I'd share it here.

It was bound to happen, I suppose. I've registered with several gold-making sites and blogs in the last few weeks, and have even started to post a few things here and there. I shouldn't have been surprised when I actually received a message from one of the bigger AH players on my PvE server, saying they'll be rooting me on come Sept. 25th, and that they'll see me in the AH.

How does one respond to something like that? It's high school all over again, when the star quarterback and his head cheerleader girlfriend compliment you, the quiet bookish one in the corner, on your presentation in class. Do they mean it? Did they really like what you did, or are they secretly mocking you and laughing about you when you're not looking? What do you say?

After the initial shock had passed, I did a little investigating, checking the other member's profile and seeing that they did, in fact, claim my PvE server as their home. On top of this, they had recently posted that they'd reached the 1 million mark in January. 1 million! Definitely not a dabbler, unlike myself and the couple of others in my guild that I trade AH conversations with. If I were a nail-biter, this would probably be the moment I'd start nibbling. A brief search for their name on The Undermine Journal shows that they have over 3000 auctions listed, all glyphs; my nervousness abates a bit, because while this may just be the end-of-expansion listings for this particular seller, or even just the ones on this toon, it still makes me feel better, as I really hadn't planned on playing that heavily in the glyph market.

Besides all that, from what I've seen in my research, most sellers (or goblins, as we're commonly referred to) are good-natured, and even enjoy the occasional bit of "AH PvP", duking it out for control of a market with other up-and-coming goblins. With that in mind, I responded pleasantly, congratulating them on 1 million and metioning that I'd keep my eyes peeled. I fully intend on adding them to my Friend's List, if only so I can wave to them on occassion as we pass in the night.


  1. Dru's Avatar
    Isn't it awful that high school taught us to be wary of nice gestures and simple compliments?
    I think you responded perfectly, either way.
    Also, if it turns out that he's a nice guy, then making a friend is a good thing. You might have the opportunity to work with him on resetting a market or chasing some kobolds out.
  2. burkhardt5's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear that this turned out to be a good thing. World of warcraft is a game to play and have fun with. It's a shame that some people take it too seriously.