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[Preview] Two Weeks...

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This is a preview of the post I'll be putting up on my actual blog tomorrow.

...Well, a little more than that, but since MoP will hit at midnight, may as well say two weeks. Just to reiterate, here's my goals in the next expansion:

Short Term

  1. Realm First Warlock
  2. Be geared in time for the release of the first raid; start leveling all professions to max.
  3. Raid; level all other 85 characters to 90.

Long Term

  1. Progression raid on warlock, put guild on top of the charts.
  2. Hit gold cap on PvE server.
  3. Hit 500k on RP-PvP server.

Now, for what I've been doing that actually moves me in these directions. Knand, my warlock, is running around with 23/25 quests completed, ready for turn-in as soon as the expansion hits and he starts earning XP again; among these quests are the Cooking & Fishing dailies from Orgrimmar, all the Tol Barad quests, and as many Molten Front quests as I could hold for turn-ins. I've dropped his unfinished Tailoring in favor of picking up Jewelcrafting, both for the extra daily and in order to be able to get as many cuts as quickly as possible once raiding starts. The day before I'll empty his bags, pick up and hold his completed JC daily, and park him out on the Molten Front, that way as soon as I log in, he'll be able to turn all those quests in and then hearth back to Org to turn in the rest. I'll also deactive and/or uninstall all my addons, except for Lootfilter (to sell items quickly to vendors) and Zygor Quest Guides, so that I won't have to worry about anything causing WoW to crash or hang. Hopefully.

On the leveling front, my two 80s are now 82, with me leveling them back on my old server. Thanks to the increase in guild XP rewards, they've nearly leveled one of my bank guilds to 2, which will enable me to transfer a guild with a character for only $10 more than just a character transfer. Once the guild hits 2, I'll move them to my second guild and finish leveling them to 85. First one to 85 (aiming for the druid) travels with the guild to the new server. Anything they obtain while leveling gets sold on the old server's AH, since most of the time things sell for more there. I should be done with this by the end of my "weekend".

By all professions, by the way, I mean all of the ones available in game; currently the only ones I don't have maxed are Inscription, Leatherworking, and Skinning. Not counting the secondary ones, of course, though if I find myself with some free time before MoP, I'll start getting Archaeology up on my alchemist, because I'd really love to be able to make some Vial of the Sands. LW & Skinning are on the 73, which will be getting leveled once the bank guilds are done, and after I transfer over the druid, my priest will be dropping Herbalism and becoming a Scribe. I should be able to get all that done in two weeks, provided I can stay focused. The Tailor-lock will come over with the second guild bank, leaving behind my mage for the time being, and having all major professions on one server.

But what's this about gold caps? I did mention that I play the AH, right? Well, I've decided I'm going to do it "fr realz naow", which is part of the reason why I'm so intent on getting all of the professions together. While it's entirely possible to hit cap just by buying low and selling high, it's unquestionably faster to do it with professions, and the more you have at your fingertips, the faster it is. The other part of my prep is stockpiling Cata mats that I'm hoping will become more valuable in the future, as well as non-vendor/non-crafted companion pets, with the thought that once Battlepets launches, these will be very valuable. Once MoP is launched, and Knand is on his way to raiding greatness, I'll start crafting my little heart out, using the Remote AH from work to monitor and pick up great deals, as well as research the various markets.

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