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WoW-GPS 2.0 - Back in Business

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Well, I took a bit of a detour there to develop a separate, AH notifications application: Things seem stable, and the application is currently not costing anything to support/maintain, and I've just opened up the BETA for everyone, so I'm going to leave that alone for now and shift my attention back to the main 2.0 project. If the usage on the notification app starts creeping up towards the free limits for the server(s) and resources, I might have to pop back over to either implement some account limitations and/or financial compensation features. For now, though, I'm excited to start making a push to get WoW-GPS 2.0 up and running in light of the looming WoD release.

Although I've been working on the notification app for the past 6 weeks (and some other, unrelated projects), I haven't totally neglected the main 2.0 project. The data has been processing in the background for ALL US and EU servers, and I've been keeping a pretty close eye on how that's been going. There's also a bunch of functionality from the notifications app that I expect will end up becoming transferable, both on the back and front end. In addition, one of the first major hurdles - account integration has seemingly been solved with the launch of the new version of the Blizzard API.

As an update on the data, I've been getting worried about whether the current data server would be able to handle the load at full capacity. Things were a bit touch-and-go a few weeks back. The script was getting backlogged due to processing errors, the sqlite DBs were getting corrupted as a result, and I was having to completely reset approx 5 realms a day in order to clear things up. In addition, the backups seemed to only be worthwhile immediately after a crash, and since I was checking everything manually a couple times a day, that was maybe 1 in 20 times, so they were essentially doubling my disk space for very little gain. I was thinking that perhaps getting the notifications app LIVE and getting some subscriptions to throw at some new server/db resources might be necessary to keep the project moving forward.

Then, last week, as I was migrating the data scripts over to the new API endpoints, I decided to throw some extra attention at the queuing/processing scripts to see if I could tighten things up. I added some pre-insert error checking, as well as an automated backup restore function, and added a few more checks to ensure the backups would be more resistant to corruption as well.

The results have been extremely positive. I've not once had to manually initiate a backup restore this past week, and the only data corruption I've come across has been due to a misconfigured connected realm, which I know is a bit of a W.I.P for the Blizz API team. As such, I feel pretty confident moving forward with the current setup. I'll keep a close eye on things still, but I no longer feel a pressing need to relocate the AH data.

The other big win for WoW-GPS 2.0 has come directly from Blizzard themselves, with their new version of the Web API. In addition to what appear to be more reliable data and a stronger commitment towards future support, they've launched a new feature that has incredibly positive implications for some of the core WoW-GPS 2.0 functionality. The new API will now support oAuth2.0 logins, which means you can log into a website (such as WoW-GPS) using a form from Blizzard (to ensure your account security isn't compromised) and when you are redirected back to the site, it will have access to all of your account stats, characters, etc. This is exactly the same functionality as sites that allow you to "Login with Facebook/Twitter/etc." and it also means that instead of having to manually add each of your characters to WoW-GPS, through some crude method such as item unequipping + armory sync, I'll just need oAuth support and you'll be able to connect everything almost instantly.

I've also been sorting through feedback from the user survey: and based on the responses, I've got a pretty good idea of what I'd like to pursue for the initial functionality with WoW-GPS 2.0. Although AH flipping resources ended up ~3rd, the other 4 of the top 5 features requested were various types of "shufflers", and based on the new process I'd previously thought up for shuffling:, I'm moving that to the top of my active development to-do list.

So, my current goal would be to have a workable BETA, including the oAuth account integration, combined with a functional shuffler setup, available prior to the WoD release. Here's to ambitious timelines!


  1. Saliira's Avatar
    Thanks for the update, looking forward to it!