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WoW-GPS: A Humble Request for Support

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: (for anyone who skims and misinterprets things)
1) All resources at are and will remain, FREE for ALL users.
2) Ethereal Contributors and site Donors will continue to have first access to development previews and to live modules prior to public release.
3) Thank You.

Well, after 2 years, 3500 posts, countless relationships with great people, dozens of guides and resources, it's finally happened: Real Life has caught up to me. It's been a wild ride, and I don't regret any of it, but at the same time, I do need to be realistic about the future. Here are some realizations I've been dealing with over the past little while:

Realization #1: Web Development is fun!
Let's face it. It's tough to do anything for free these days if you aren't truly passionate about it. For me, I fell in love with web development back in high-school, when it was nothing more than HTML. True story: I actually wrote my very first website on a scrap of paper, in FULL, before ever touching a keyboard.

Realization #2: Web Development will have to generate a significant amount of income if I'm going to quit my day job to do it full time.

Realization #3: There simply isn't enough spare time to commit to both WoW-GPS AND a revenue-generating, commercial application(s).
I can't realistically do both. With the demands of my current schedule, it just isn't practical. Nor is it fair to my family, and if anyone out there is married/related/involved with a non-gamer, you know full well just how patient they generally are with us.

Realization #4: Wow-based projects aren't paying any bills.
I know - I was as surprised as you are, but it's true.

Realization #5: Discontinuing development at this stage would be a tragedy.
I see so much potential with wow-gps, and it's really starting to hit it's stride (I know most of this has been in non-tangible, behind-the-scenes aspects that few of you will be able to relate to, but it's MY blog post, and I reserve the right to insert as many out-of-context references as I see fit). To shelve this thing, even if only temporarily, would really be a letdown.

Realization #6: There MUST be a better way - so sort of "best of both worlds" scenario, right?
Which brings me too...

SOLUTION: Donation Based Development!
Not sure if that's already a thing, or if I should add "phrase-coiner" to the resume, but either way this is how I intend on proceeding with WoW-GPS.

Step 1 has been adding a donation page, where users are free to contribute as they see fit. Please note that NO DONATION is required in order to continue to access the site as you already have been. The donation simply represent a practical means of growing the resource into something bigger, while protecting my own time and resources.

Step 2 will be to upgrade to a higher-grade, more flexible server solution. The modules that have been already developed (or are nearly finished) have intentionally been designed sans-DB, in order to ensure they are easily portable. I knew I'd be moving hosts soon, so I wanted to be certain it would be as seamless as possible. This means that as soon as the money is raised for the server costs (going to tackle 6 months at a time), I'll make the switch.

Step 3 will be converting the 2 existing modules - Saronite Shuffle and Ironpaw Shuffle (which should have a working preview hitting the EC section in the next few days) into a Ruby on Rails version. This is part of the reason for the server upgrade, and is also critically necessary for the long-term development of future modules and maintenance and upgrades for existing ones.

Step 4 will be in soliciting donations for development time. In order to find that "best of both worlds" scenario, I'm willing to develop WoW-GPS for a meager $5/hour. I think this is pretty reasonable, but am open to negotiating. What I've done for each of the proposed modules on the donation page is project the number of hours I expect development to take and have assigned a total project cost for each. Once that bar fills up, development will commence. This means, if someone is feeling generous, and would like to "influence" the direction of my development time, you can certainly donate an entire module and I'll prioritize that over whatever else I'm working on. This also means that if you have an idea for a module that isn't currently listed, you're free to make a general contribution and then provide details about whatever module you had in mind. If your donation is enough to cover the whole project, I'll get to work. If it will require more time, I'll add it to the list so others can contribute as well.

Step 5 will be to then begin development on either whichever module has been completely donated, or whichever has received the most support so far. If nothing has been contributed towards any of the modules, I WILL still continue to develop new modules, however, please recognize that this will only be able to happen in my "extra" free time, which seems to be few and far between these days, so you can reasonably expect that development timelines will shift from "weeks" into "months", out of sheer necessity.

If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to PM or Email me about them. I hope you all can respect that this is coming both from a desire to continue to develop and maintain these resources for the benefit of the gold-making community, and a necessity to protect my time and my Real Life situation, for the benefit of my family. I'd be more than happy to continue to do this for fun, but at this stage, I don't think I can make that commitment without leaving a lot of unfulfilled promises, and I really don't feel right about that.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone for all that you've contributed and for the support, ideas, and collaboration over these past 2 years. If you weren't all worth it, I'd have left a long time ago, for sure.


P.S. If anyone is wondering about the Paypal landing page,, is my web development business. Feel free to contact me through whichever method seems best to confirm.


  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    As an update - it looks very much as though I'll be able to sort something out server-wise that will allow me to pool resources with the TSM crew. This means that the only real expense moving forward will be my time/the individual modules.

    Thanks again to @Sapu94 and @Drethic for their help/support!