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Goblin Shenanigans #2

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Been a while, time for a mini-update.

I got the Refer-A-Friend thing hooked up and done. In the end, I got my warrior to level 79 and the priest to 76. The warrior had the benefit of heirloom gear, hence the level difference. I also granted my level 56 rogue levels to 76, and I have been having a blast PvPing with it ever since.

Since I got a few levels within a couple weeks, I have been working on enchanting on my main along with herbalism. I maxed herbalism last night and am pleased. I can now farm herbs to gain some momentum. I have hit 400 on tailoring and am having a hard time keeping netherweave bags in stock! Working on farming up the other 600 frostweave I need to get to the next level, but I need to get the priest to 80 to max it out anyway, so it's slow going.

Right now, I am mainly focused on learning my addons (TSM, mostly) and learning my server's economy. I spent most of what I had on some hard-to-farm things for enchanting, but will recoup that money in the first few weeks of maxing it out, so I'm not really concerned.

That's all that's going on on this end. Hope the goblineering is going well. I'll update soon!