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Goblin Shenanigans #1-Getting from N00b to...something else less nerdy

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Hello gold makers and goblins, noobies and vets alike.
The goal of this blog will be to take a different perspective of the whole "make tons of money in WoW" theme.
The first post is very basic, designed to get a real newbie's feet wet and crack open the door a bit. We'll get more advanced as I get more advanced. Right now, my level is the same as a 2 year old learning her colors. Bear with me.

You see, unlike folks like Cold and Faid or Keelhaul and some well known goblins 'round these parts at The Consortium, I am in a class all my own (along with some of you). This isn't bad. It's not terrible. It sucks. But it is. So, my question to garner an answer for in this blog (as long as it's alive) will be "how do I go from auction house noob to Goblin?"
Ah, what a great question!
I have tried asking around and as one would suspect, there is no clear or cut and dry answer. So, what have I learned so far, as an eager goblin wannabe?

Let me tell you a story.
There was once a lowly Death Knight. The grips of cold ice gathered around her wrists and she finally downed Arthas. Everyone screamed "OMGNOZRLLYSRS?" and cheered, drank Volatile Rum and sang pirate songs. The Death Knight grew bored of DPSing in 10 mans and decided to create a Paladin. The Paladin felt like a muscle car, only more cartoonish. Strong, sturdy, and awesome belf hair, she was ready to rock the face off Azeroth. And she did. She championed away. Then she heard there were people in this game that could buy lots of expensive things and enjoy their vanity pets and giant mounts.
She had to have some of this! But how?
So the mighty interwebz opened doors. Gold guides only costs a little bit of real hard earned cash and after all, they wouldn't dare charge for information that is not exclusive or accurate, right?

Let's lay some house rules.

Goblin Shenanigan's House Rule #1) Never ever buy a damn gold guide. They all are the same BS and trust me, the information you get from real people here at The Consortium, or Cold's Gold Factory or The Gold Queen can be much better. The best thing about this particular site, though, is if you ask for help, you shall get it. It's worth sticking around and rolling up your sleeves for, just reading the info here. All gold guides are pretty much the same. They are out dated. They cost real money (and sometimes quite a bit) and they all pretty much suck donkey balls. So, unless you're rolling in real life money and have nothing better to spend it on (I would spend my millions on strippers and trips to exotic places like Alabama) then I strongly suggest you stay away and just mine for the information yourself. I will do what I can to give props to great posts or blogs here.

Goblin Shenanigan's House Rule #2) Read a lot of crap about gold making. Some of it will be completely off base. Some of it you'll want to instantly disregard because it's "old skool" and can't possibly still work now (Sterling has talked about this a bit, we'll get to that) and some of it will actually help you quite a bit. You never know what will work on your server until you try, so don't be afraid to dive right in. Which brings me to our next rule:

Goblin Shenanigan's House Rule #3) Don't dive right in. I know. It seems contradictory. But trust me, you need to get to know your market in its entirety before you jump in and start buying things and trying to make gold. We'll get to that, too.

Goblin Shenanigan's House Rule #4) Learn your addons. The default UI for the game is pretty terrible in my opinion anyway and trying to do any sort of business with the stock UI is just suicidal. I'm sure plenty of people will say the WoW UI out of the box is great, and I'd chuck Mutton Chops at their faces. Head to and learn how to use it.

I sincerely hope this blog will be a sort of guide in a way, and I'd like to be able to do guest posts, reviews, and other cool stuff. So stick around.


  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    Rule #3 - I'd say that some markets actually require a bit of a dive in order to really learn them, but I'd say diving in recklessly, without a plan is really setting yourself up for failure. You obviously can learn a lot form your mistakes, but there is no reason why those mistakes should bankrupt you, right?

    A nice start here. It will be interesting to see a different perspective as you learn and sink deeper into this adventure.
  2. Kaspyn's Avatar
    Kathroman: Thanks for the comment! I hope this becomes something worthwhile for other folks.