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Almost 1 month later

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So here we are again. Almost a month has passed since my last post and man, "What A Long Strange Trip It's Been!"

In my first entry, I mentioned that I was hovering around 50k. Well ladies and gentlemen, I am now sitting comfortable at 162k, a much larger inventory, and even more goodies! One of my biggest motivating factors was to build up my mount collection that I had been neglecting for quite a long while. With the introduction of 5.3 and a new mount achievement, I felt that I needed to have it...I just didn't have the 150 mount achievement yet

To sum it up, since my last blog post, I have purchased my Sandstone Drake (33k,) Alani (35k,) and a multitude of rep mounts. Even gave my fiancee enough gold to buy 310% flying on all of her toons (she has 11 lol.) I never realized how much gold I would end up spending on rep mounts but I hit exalted on all but 1 pandaria rep within the last month it seems. Doing some rough match, I am probably up about 200k in the last 30 months and I'm quite happy with that number.

Now the juicy stuff. How have I been making my gold? Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. There was a chunk of time where it seemed as though a lull had hit my server. Sha crystal prices had plummeted, enchants were stagnant, and gems were declining while ore was increasing. To combat the situation, I decided to explore a few more outlets.


Seriously, I never realized that engineering could actually turn a noticeable profit. I'll admit, I'm fairly lucky in the sense that sales for about 200% of it's material cost, but the tinkers are quite nice themselves. I have had multiple occasions where I was selling 15 of these in a day. It wasn't enough sales to make me rich, but it sustained me while I continued to buy materials for my crafts.

As I stated earlier, enchanting hasn't been my most profitable as of late. I've noticed a lot of new competitors have entered the shuffle market lately and that has caused a major issue. I only have 1 accounts and at the moment, I don't intend to start a 2nd account for the sole purpose of posting. It seemed like I was getting undercut immediately so I was basically using this as a set and forget market. Thankfully, it seems as though things have started to pick up and I've been a bit more adamant with this market

Jewelcrafting <3

I have a love/hate relationship with JC. I love the profits, but I hate when new people come in and tank the market. JC had always been one of my most profitable markets but I was doing it all wrong. It wasn't that I didn't know how to do it...I was just too lazy to do it! I couldn't be bothered with shuffling anymore. I had taken a new approach of buying raw uncommons, golden lotus, and transmuting.'s not a bad idea. Most of us do it and it's profitable. The only issue was my lack of supply. There were times where I'd have 300 Onyx and 40 Jade. Other times, the market would be flourishing and I'd be stuck with no gems because no mats had been in my buy range.

But this ended up teaching me a valuable lesson. I tinkered and toyed with settings in TSM and learned about the reset feature. I no longer cared about people coming through and tanking the market because now...those were profit and I didn't even have to craft them! I also began to shuffle small amounts daily just to increase my profit margins. It also helps that I'm getting ore for 45g/stack compared to the 60g+ not long ago.

The last few days have been absolutely booming for gems! I'm selling faster than I can post and I love it!

Lastly, I've had a few lucky finds. My fiancee and I invested a large portion of our gold into a that we had found in trade for 150k. A guildie and RL friend ended up wanting the mount and paid us 175k for it. Not bad for a 1 day flip. Also managed to pick up a for 175k and resold for 225k. Again, I split this cost with my fiancee. It benefits both of us. I'm not comfortable enough to give up all of my gold and it helps her make so quick profit. She's by no means poor, but she only dabbles in the bag market.
My last find was a 4 tab guild bank for 2500g. I had been needing a bit more storage so I jumped on it. Smooth trade and I bounce over to the guild bank. LOADED WITH GEMS! I ran the nice script that gives you the value and it estimated around 25k.

So all in all, I'm happy with the results so far. The only high value (crafted) mounts I have left to purchase are 3 panthers and 1 more engineering rocket. After that, I guess it's just time to watch my gold grow for no good reason other than entertainment.

Like always, have a great day and keep padding those wallets!