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Hatchy's Introduction (Was written in April and forgot to publish. Update coming)

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Hello everyone.

Like most on this forum, I have come to appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is provided to us. I wanted to start this blog so that, perhaps, any newcomers embarking on their path to goblinhood could see that these methods do work.

I suppose the first thing I should do is properly introduce myself and provide a bit of background information. I have been an avid player of WoW since Vanilla. As soon as I started the game, I caught the bug and I've never really looked back. I have taken the occasional break from the game but the bottom line is that I can find nothing else that gives anything close to the amount of entertainment WoW gives me at such a low price.

I'll never forget the first day I logged in. A friend and myself were browsing around an EB Games and I was really wanting to try an MMO. He has some experience play FFXI (I think that was the online one,) and although he wasn't too fond of that game, I convinced him to try WoW out with me. Upon logging into our night elves (how typical :P,) I was greeted by a gnome warlock riding his dreadsteed. At that point, I was pretty much sold on the game. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

Throughout my WoW "career" there had always been one common factor...I was BROKE! I struggled to save any amount of gold at any point in time. The shiny objects on the auction house were always far too tempting and I could never bring myself to part with anything in my bag out of fear that "I may need this one day." To say the least, there was never a time that I could afford an item of luxury.

I had always been an avid raider and always found myself in very top end guild. Throughout Vanilla, I had cleared all content and eventually found my way into Nerve on the Chromaggus server. After participating in 40 man Naxx, I felt I had yet another calling in the game. I had to be the best damn raider any server had seen. I continued raiding up through the end of WotLK in top end guilds until something happened that drew me away from it.

I eventually stopped raiding due to the fact that I met my fiancee in guild. That is a story all to itself which I will gladly share if anyone cares to hear the story of a rogue and a holy paladin Up until this point, I had been reliant on my guild to support me. Flask, food, repairs...I couldn't afford it. Farming? Ain't nobody got time for that!

It must have been at some point just before Cata that I stumbled across this forum. I think it was a post or something on JMTC that eventually led me to here. I immediately became enthralled with the concept of having so much gold. I never understood how people had managed to accumulate so much gold. Much like the raiding bug had bit me, now has the goblin bug.

I became obsessed with blogs and after much planning, I jumped into the glyph market just in time for Glyphmas! I pretty much sat around in Org constantly crafting on my druid. I was using an addon called ZeroAuctions or something like that and it made crafting and selling a breeze. As things started to settle down, I found myself with over 70k gold. I was making sales so quickly and had been so preoccupied that I really never noticed how much I had.

Now, lets put this in perspective for a minute. You find a man who has an obsession with all things shiny. He has never had the currency to purchase such shinies, but one day, through a little bit of work, he digs into his pocket and find a large sum of money. He can either invest this and watch his wallet grow, or he can have a blast with it! I think it's fairly obvious which route I chose.

...and so I found myself broke again. Actually, I wasn't just broke. I was in debt. I had managed to buy myself a Tundra Mammoth AND convince my fiancee to lend me about 150k gold so I could buy a Magic Rooster Egg.

Time goes on and over time, I do manage to pay her back completely through some shuffling. Not long after though, we quit the game. In an attempt to ensure I never come back to the game, I delete all of my gear from my toons and give away any remaining gold!


...and so I'm back in MoP :P

This time I have purpose. I have drive...motivation! I level professions. It doesn't matter if my toons are 90 yet. I have an army of 85's sitting there as untapped resources.

Now, here we are today. This is where everything becomes a little more relevant and not so much a storybook.

Using resources available, I have managed to have my finger in almost every major market there is. Over the course of 3 months or so, I went from 10k or so to over 250k. Now, I did has some stutters along the way which has put me in my current situation of only sitting at 55k. A shiny Onyxian Drake, an engineering rocket, and Grand Expedition Yak set me back and really made me feel down about my gold situation.

And so it begins. I currently sit around 55k with a decent sized inventory of materials I've accumulated. I've decided, once again, that I will not allow myself to feel some broke. The journey towards 1 million begins today.

My hope, is that with this blog, it will allow some insight to any newcomers but perhaps some veterans to share some more personal tips as well. Above all else, it is documentation that I can review later about choices that I've made.

Have a great day and keep padding those wallets!

-Edit- As of today, May 21st, I realize that I never published this and had it on draft :P