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Stumbling to the end

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So further to my previous blog I had planned to focus on my hunter with LW/Skinning and I did that.....for about an hour. Real life and distractions in game got in the way. I started off with good intentions planning on skinning through all the different materials needed for levelling to see how easy and how much money could be made. After doing some light leather I had logged on my tailor to check auctions. The price of Embersilk bags was sitting at around 300g which was well below the costs of the mats on my realm.

For some reason this annoyed me given that there where not many players and either they where selling the bags at a loss from buying mats or if they where farming them opting out of selling the mats direct at a higher cost. I spent the best part of the next two days buying around 65 bags and all the hypnotic dust that popped up in the AH before listing it higher to keep the raw price higher. I then went to the pub and waited to see what would happen........looking over my figures I am probably down about 6k but the prices of the bags are not sitting at around 400g which should see more profit potential in the coming weeks.

After this I still could not get back to my hunter as I was close to my first goal that I had set back at the end of May of reaching 1M. Being just over 900k I became focussed on trying to stumble over the 1M mark by selling whatever was lying around and I am not sitting around 965k....35k to my target. I feel I have to make this before I can focus on anything else and all things considered this should be at some point this week.

The other thing that drew me away was playing my newly dinged level 90 protection warrior. Despite not raiding anymore (not even LFR!!) I still fancy having a few characters available to raid in the new patch should I decide to get back into via the new flex raiding. The dps sucks and doing some quests takes bloody years but I am finding it an enjoyable class to play again as I last tanked in BC with it.

For the weeks ahead I will probably put a hold on exploring my professions as I

- resolve to get 1M liquid

- then get my 87 dps warrior with engineering to level 90 so he can be ready to make the new mount come the patch. Not sure how I plan to level up....few quests/dungeon each day......long stint to get to level 90 in one go or maybe archaelogy.

- sort out mats for all the profession so I am ready patch day. Although I have decent reserves for most if sales go well I could quickly run out. Looking at exotic leather the other day it had spiked to 60g/10 controlled by one person.....with my aversion to farming this could hurt my bottom line if I run out so I will need to make sure I have plenty of everything.

Enjoy the coming week all
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