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Tailoring and Enchanting - revisited

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If you read my last post you will have known that I was planning to spend a bit of time on each of my professions trying different things....some new and some old. I am not re-inventing the wheel or anything just simply getting out and about and trying different things with each profession.

So six days after this I have increased liquid gold from 850 to 902k with just over 23,000 coming from my priest who has tailoring/enchanting. So below is what I did with some of my thoughts/observations.

Bags, bags, Bags....and more bags.

I have always sold bags relevant to the current patch even when I did not play the AH although not in any great number. Even now I just spin out the occassional royal satchel.

Netherweave bags - ran a good few BC instances as I needed some mats for enchants and along the way picked up a good amount of cloth. Anytime I have made these they always sell out in a few hours max and this time was no exception. Although the mats cost is around 8g my server the bags only go for around 13-14g so whilst a good money maker for people levelling tailoring its not something I will actively pursue

Frostweave bags - going for around 190g on my server and by farming the trash after Noth in Naxx I was able to get around 70-80 cloth per run and 8-10 greens on average for 5 minutes work. Spend an hour doing this and you will easily get enough mats for 6-8 and probably around 100+ extra which sells very well. Normally I hate farming but this seems a profitable way to spend an hour.

Embersilk Bags - again farming was the way forward for me given the price of mats on my server. Did it all in Tol Barad between the village, keep and lumber mill. In a 10 minute timed exercise I got 109 . These bags sold well and with not too many players It could be a market where the prices could be pushed higher towards the market price rather than the 300g they are sitting at just now.

Other bags - also sold a and a few

Shirt off my back !!!

I have always sold a few each week but having every shirt recipe I made 2 of each and placed them in the market place. For around 70% of the cases I was the only one posting and after a few days I have sold around 7-8 with no advertising. This seems like a good niche market that whilst not bringing stellar income will bring profit and it would probably fit best with a alt who sells transmog items.

MOP PVP gear

Sales of the 458 gear have slowed and I will not make any more. None the less probably sold 10-12 items and looking forward to 5.4 and more profit

MOP enchants

Still getting good sales from these and although quite a few of the markets could do with re-setting I don't think the sales volume just now would justify it for them all. Will be stocking up for 5.4

Older Enchants

Still good sellers with brilliant profit margin and it will be interesting to see what impact the new patch has. Until then I will continue to sell them with the likes of bringing 400-500g profit per scroll with no competition.

Vanilla Shuffle

My favourite has to be with the mats around 1 g and selling at 2g (get 1-5) and at 23g this is a steady money maker for when you are sitting in a city. I still have 682 to get through. seemed in short supply so I set about making some . Again this makes money and could be really good at low levels when people are levelling both professions.

Scanned the AH for other materials needed for enchanting at under 300 and there was only 28 and although tailoring can make items that d/e to this it requires spider silk which has a horrible drop rate so I found it easier to buy all greens under 1.5g. Yes I know TSM could do this but not set it up yet.

Lastly I usually use the and I get from d/e to make twink enchants cheaper but occassionally in the past I have sold surplus on the AH.

Things I never explored

Transmog items from tailoring.....never got into this market yet but it would be good to explore what could be good money making.
Twink items....I thought that items for level 10-55 could have a market especially as you an active player base for these.


Whilst I knew the existence of these markets It was good to try them out and I will be using time before patch 5.4 (unless its verrrry sooooon!!) to scan the AH and farm to build up a inventory to sell moving forward of certain items.

Coming Week

Going to dust off my lvl 90 hunter who has skinning/LW, stock his quiver up with ammo and his bags with food for his pet to keep her happy before venturing out into Azeroth and beyond to explore more these professions.

Any comments/tips gladly accepted and I hope you enjoyed reading.
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  1. glortard's Avatar
    I meant to say whilst writing this I logged in to check some prices from TSM accounting and could not resist checking the recipes on the AH and managed to snag for 22g
  2. TheExile's Avatar
    Great work! I was going to try farming/selling the cloth for bags, just never got around to it yet. Plus the market for low enchant mats is so crashed and saturated it's not worth doing the vanilla shuffle either. For now I stick with JC/Enchanting. Shirts are good but a lot of competition, same with bags. One suggestion: When linking an item, just do:
    [*item]Item Name[*/item]
    Instead of the wowhead link, that way we can see the item without hovering over it. Instead of seeing a URL, we will see:

    that way it's just easier on the eyes/reading in general. Can't wait to see more!
  3. phlyghts's Avatar
    "MOP PVP gear

    Sales of the 458 gear have slowed and I will not make any more. None the less probably sold 10-12 items and looking forward to 5.4 and more profit"

    I am interested on your view now that 5.4 is here.

    I am selling very little.