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Revisting my professions whilst waiting for the patch

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So have found myself in a bit of limbo just now waiting for the new patch. Stocked up on plenty of mats and levelled my 3rd character to lvl 90 who has blacksmithing so I am ready for the new patch recipes. Still posting lots of auctions but noticing less sales which is to be expected.

Sitting with 850k liquid and looking to push on to 1M liquid over the next few weeks and with this is mind I will be focussing on different professions for 7-10 days.

Right now going to focus on my priest who has tailoring/enchanting farming some mats for him and trying different things to see what sells. Will probably run a few old dungeons for mats and to see what else drops.
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  1. Mithrildar's Avatar
    Great idea!
    This summer is incredibly bad for goldmaking as a lot of people are away on vacation and the others have few reasons to be playing WoW with everyone waiting on 5.4

    Personally I'm using this between patch lull to enjoy the weather (it's so damn hot in Europe), to get those recipes that I didnt have the time to get before (mostly Molten Front bag recipes) and hopefully I'll have some time to get my 4th level 90.

    If you're still posting auctions I would suggest posting less frequently, but posting bigger quantities. This worked really well for me and allowed me to focus my time on other things than auctioneering.