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I don't care for your talk, show me the money!

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So unfortunately due to the horrors that is "real life" I found myself with little time to provide some updates on how I'm progressing. I always find that a funny expression " work/life balance". It might be just me, but it always feels like on the scales, my life and free time is represented by a feather, whilst work is an Elephant wearing a tuxedo made of concrete .....

The good news is that I've been keeping active with my gold making on my new realm and have had some success and been able to reap some tangible rewards.

So over the weekend I plan to outline

What exactly I'm doing to make gold from 0
Why I'm choosing this route with some pros and cons
Some advise
Tools I'm using
Actual results thus far.

I don't want the next post to be a post for the sake of it, I want to format it and display it properly, so bear with me!