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Making gold from scratch, what's the plan?

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I think it is worth mentioning what my actual characters are. Throughout WoW, since Vanilla, I've always had a "trinity" of characters. So this is three characters I keep PVE ready, in order to rotate if required. Having RAF on Stormscale, I've a choice of pretty much any class I want, as mostly all of them are now 80. But here is what I am planning.




There is room for change here, kinda depends on how I go, but at the moment feel comfortable with this choice. (Despite the 40 cost of transferring two of the above from one account to my main account)

The next step is then outlining what professions I want, and what characters I want them on. I've had most professions on Outland, my previous server. So I've an idea what has served me well, and what has not. I've done some research into Stormscale and I think I'm making a safe bet with what I'm looking into

Jewelcrafting / Enchanting
Alchemy/ Inscription
Mining/ Blacksmithing

That is the end professions I want to have atleast. It is possible I'll pickup mining and herbalism in 5.3 in order to generate some revenue, but I won't keep them long term, bar perhaps mining on the Warrior.

The problem pretty much straight away, is that I'm going for a pretty expensive combo on my mage. I've learned from my other server, that I could have cut down the downtime of the shuffle if I had my Enchanter and JC on the same character. So the opportunity here is to ensure they are both on the one. But as stated, they are MASSIVELY expensive to powerl evel.

Why powerlevel the professions?
Simply put its' quicker and less hassle. I've power levelled any professions I've ever had after WOTLK. I know how to do it, the little niches and the caveats of both methods, traditional, and power level.

I plan to use the shuffle as my base for income. Since I re-valued how I shuffled on Outland, I broke 100k pretty quickly, albeit helped with a patch day. But with patches coming thick and fast, this opportunity will grow. The problem lies with the mage. That is alot of revenue required to get Enchanting and Jewelcrafting to max level.

So what's the plan?

Transmogg Flipping.Simple as that. I got into this on my idle Druid on Outland. I provided him 200g for starter capital to see how I could go. A month on, and I have made 15k. Now that is through alot of trial and error, finding which sets sell well, and which items within the sets sell well. I have a good process now for buying and selling, and have alot of data to work with. So I plan to use Transmogg Flipping in order to generate starter capital to power level a profession. Coupled with the intake from levelling 85-90, dailies, raiding and dungeon farming for valor, I think I could generate the starter capital needed, very quickly, in order to start bursting through levelling Jewelcrafting.

Later this evening, I'll outline how I transmogg flip, the process', my lists and my experiences.


  1. Stede's Avatar
    Once you get your Enchanting up to WOTLK levels, the Abyssal Shatter is a pretty consistent moneymaker that many overlook. The Cata shuffle is also quite profitable on a lot of realms, too, as the amount of dust needed to levels through part of enchanting is insane.

    If you take your time going through these parts, you can probably offset a lot of the cost.
  2. Hatchy's Avatar
    The cata shuffle is fantastic for generating hypnotic dust for bags which sell quite well on my realm. But the gem prices are unreal for nightstone and hessonite. I've sold multiple stacks for 500g+.