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DOC's blog, an introduction.

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Hey all,

I've been a longtime lurker on this forum over the years. I started getting interested in making gold during WOTLK when I found myself unemployed, and needing something to do outside raiding. What started as something to fill the void, turned into one of my favourite aspects of the game. As with anything, I figured the best place to find advice would be the internet, and quickly enough Google brought me to your fair community.

Only in the last few months have I actually started posting and contributing to the community here, and I have to say it has been a brilliant experience. It is rare to come across a mature and helpful community stemming from an online game, its been refreshing to say the least. I felt it only fair, that I sign up for membership, as a token of appreciation for the great help and warm welcome I've received.

I've been playing WoW since Friends and Family Alpha, over eight years ago. With no breaks, that is alot of Warcraft. At the time of the Warcraft III boom, I was working between Four-Kings gaming and SK-Gaming as part of their webstaff, and when the announcement of World of Warcraft arrived, my interest peaked. Having got to know some Blizzard employees through travelling to events etc. naturally I got an invite to try the Alpha out, and was instantly hooked.

I've travelled through a number of realms, normally based on where friends are residing for me to play with. In WOTLK, I stumbled accross an Irish community on Outland-EU. Probably worth mentioning at this point, I'm from Ireland. Just as I came accross this group, I found out a friend I hung around with "used" to play WoW. After talking about the new found community, and the recruit a friend scheme, we were both starting fresh.

Un-employment has its benefits. In WOTLK RAF only went to 60 obviously, and within a week we both had 4 characters at 60. By the end of two weeks we had every character to 60 and were working on some mains. As time went on we became more involved with this set of Irish players, and it wasn't long before we were being invited to raids. Having such a variety of characters ( which we quickly dinged all to 70) ment we were very flexible and were included in most raids.

At the start of ToC, most of the guys were in with pretty good progression guilds, going for EU top 10's and realm firsts. But as our "casual" raids continued, we noticed we were progressing extremely well in 10-man, and there was good cohesion in the group, as well as serious craic and banter. At the end of ToC, before the announcement of ICC, I was approached by two of the guys to become a guild founder for an all Irish guild, <ATT> ( All The Time).

It initially started of with some of the more hardcore guys including alts, and the rest of us on mains. We aimed for late night raiding, between 11:30 - 2:00, so the hardcore guys could raid with their main guilds. Quickly we found ourselves on progression par with other 10-man guilds, and by the end of the first wing, we found ourselves 5th on realm for progression.

By mid ICC, everyone had left their guilds, and moved their dedicated mains to <ATT>. It was a fantastic time. We had really good cohesion, a good raid team and a really good appreciation for the guild. There was no issues with benching or being dropped for performance, and the guild progressed through ICC normal then heroic at a good pace. We became Irelands top raiding guild, with no one coming close, but we even pushed the realm to the limit, ending up within the top 20 for progression.

Things went well for Cataclysm, progression kicking on through the first raid tier, however we started gaining interest from other raiders. Guys from the top guilds wanted to have alts in our raids, and soon our cohesiveness started to fracture. Members started to leave and performance started to drop. Come Firelands, I had been dropped from the main raid, and was told I needed to look elsewhere. We had gone from a really strong tight knit raiding team, that valued each person and emphasised improvement, into a guild that wanted to get to the end as fast as possible, not waiting on bad performance.

This is the first point in WoW that I felt lost. I'd always raided, I'd always knew where I stood. Now I was guildless and didn't know what do with myself. I'd previously setup a raiding guild named Hellion, that was consistently server first for progression on The Maelstrom, and had being apart of the old SK guild whilst I was working with SK. But now I found myself wallowing in purgatory. I joined a new guild, but found the standard to be lower then I was used to, and I was being benched alot for being a trialist. The life of a "trial" is pretty tough. Being expected to have 100% attendance, to sit on a bench and watch players in front of lesser skill reap the rewards. When I was brought in, due to me not getting any gear via being benched, I coudln't excel in performance.

It wasn't long before I ended my trial and thanked them for their time, but I was going elsewhere. And since then I havn't had a proper raid. That is a long time for me, so naturally gold making started to get more and more of my attention.

I've never made tons of gold, only recently I broke my personal record of reaching 100k liquid. But as more time has presented itself, I've been able to diverisfy, spend more time analysing trends and speculating.

And this leads me nicely to my focus for this blog, my current goal, my current adventure. Whilst I may have being removed from ATT, I'm still friends with everyone. We speak everyday, and we play other games together too, Simcity, and mostly League of Legends. However the guys have all gone away from WoW, not finding the game anyway enthralling without raiding. This presented an opportunity and a decision for me. Seeing the battlechest on sale, I decided to RAF with myself, on a brand new server, to hook up with one friend still playing. But mostly to just experience life on another server, and most importantly another faction, Horde.

Five weeks in and I have everything at level eighty bar a priest and paladin which are nearly there. The problem with RAF is that you level so fast, you completely skip proffesions. I've already had 8 max level characters on Outland-EU, now, on Stormscale-EU, I wanted to be max level as fast as possible, to join in raiding and PVE content.

So this will be my story. Making gold on a brand new server, how I'll go about doing it, and hopefully weekly reports on how I'm getting on.

So hang around, drop me some feedback and let me know what you think


  1. Stede's Avatar
    Enjoyed the read and looking forward to more. Very refreshing writing style!