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DBR's Draenor adventures!

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Hello folks, I'm Deathbyrogue, also know as DBR. Since there are no longer server and world first achievements, I've decided to document my Wardlords of Draenor release, for at least the first few weeks.

As a little bit of a back story, I'm a single, 26 year old male. I currently work from home, however I have a background as an Army special operations sniper and a wildland firefighter. I showered during lunch today so that I won't feel like I need a shower until Thursday, and I luckily have a 10 minute break Thursday that I will shower next. I've timed myself this week and it takes me just under 9 minutes to shower, so I should be fine.

As you can imagine, sleep deprivation doesn't really effect me for the first few days, so launch shouldn't be too big of a deal fatigue wise. I have however bought 4 energy drinks, a 2 litre of mountain dew, a gallon of milk, and a gallon of water. I've also made myself dinner, and I've got 2 family sized boxes of Mac and Cheese already cooked and sitting in the fridge for me to microwave and chow down. That's how I've decided to prep for tonight and tomorrow morning.

I live in Oregon, so launch for me is at midnight my time, and I don't work until 7am tomorrow. I wasn't able to take the entire day off, however I only work from 7am-130pm tomorrow, and then I don't work until Friday. I also have both Saturday and Sunday off. I currently plan on leveling 5 characters to 100 by the end of Sunday. I plan on leveling my Warlock and Priest both Thursday and Friday, and then my Rogue, Druid and Monk on Saturday and Sunday. This should give me a fairly even spread of professions right off the bat. I've included those professions below, with the planned 3rd small building in parentheses:

Warlock - Inscription/Tailoring (Enchanting)
Priest - Alchemy/Inscription (Enchanting)
Rogue - Enchanting/Engineering (Inscription)
Druid - Leatherworking/Jewelcrafting (Blacksmithing)
Monk - Blacksmithing/Leatherworking (Tailoring)

This will let me get straight into Inscription and Enchanting fairly heavily, as well as it will give me 1 of everything else, with 2 Blacksmiths. I am hoping to get out a Trinket and both upgrades around the same time with my first 3 toons having inscription, and this will let me also get out 3 enchants as well. It also leaves me with 5 other 90s that I can adjust according to how I see the weekend end up. My 6th toon will most like be my Paladin, and it will level up to 100 with Herbalism and Mining so that I can get level 3 Mines and Garden on all of my toons.

Well guys, it's now 6:05pm so it's time for me to crash. I've got my alarm set for 11:45pm tonight, this will give me enough time to log into my Warlock and get everything situated in time for launch. Thanks for reading so far, and I look forward to updating periodically throughout the night!

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    Alright guys, the time is now, and the sky is falling! Actually, in all honesty, it's now 12:09AM I've been DC'd twice, and am attempting to log in a 3rd time however it is stuck on the loading screen on 1 account and stuck trying to log in to the game server to bring up my characters on another account. We shall see how the next 30 minutes or so goes. It may delay my level 100 ding until after work today, but I'm hoping not!

    1230am and I'm in and embarking on my quest to 100. I'm using my 578 Warlock with 0 quests in the log, and rested experience, so let's see how long this takes!

    It's about 1:50am, and I've just build my Garrison, Barracks, and started my first follower mission (mandatory).
    It's now 2:17, just dinged 91, so just under 2 hours from 90-91. Not too bad considering it's launch day, and I wasn't a part of beta.
    4:20am, and I hit 92. I have Tailoring and Inscription both built on my 2 small slots, I've now acquired 5 followers, and I have a level 2 Town Hall.
    5:15am and I finally got around to getting my mine up and running. I also got my first few workorders for Tailoring and Inscription and have been sending my followers out on missions quite frequently, which is using up my garrison resources so I can't build an Inn yet. I should be able to build an Inn as soon as I get off work at 12:30pm today.
    6:00am, dinged 93. Gorgrond leveling is going extremely quickly. I stopped for a bit when I got my mine up and running so that I could milk MoP mats for the last few profession points.
    6:20am, calling it a day before work unfortunately. Sending out all of my followers on missions, filling as many work orders as possible.

    Leveling is going a whole lot slower than anticipated, although it is explainable. There are a number of bugged quests that I wasted time with, as well as I am on a High Pop server, so there's been major lag and login issues for most of the night. If you are on a high pop server, I highly suggest that you get somebody to invite you to a low pop realm so that you can actually do things at a normal pace.

    As of right now, I've gotten 1 Sorcerous Earth, 1 Sorcerous Water, 1 of each Inscription and Tailoring Secret, 5 Hexweave Cloth, 10 Warpaints, and a ton of WoD green and blue quest rewards that I need to DE once I'm able to build a 3rd small plot. I'm hoping it will be soonish as they're taking up about 1/3rd of my bag slots and I don't want to start vendoring them. We'll see how that goes though.

    Honestly, this is my favorite expansion by far. Garrisons take a bit to get used to, and profession changes will definitely take a little while, but the questing and the zones are fantastic. I've always HATED questing to level, but I am actually enjoying it this time around. Blizzard did a really good job at making the leveling process quite fun.
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    Hello guys, I'm back for round 2, or so I thought! I've managed to log into my alt account on the server "Dalaran" with absolutely no wait time, however, I have a queue of 4216 right now on Proudmoore. The estimated wait time is 283 minutes, so this is going to take a while before I can even get anything going. Once I get logged in, I'm going to pull myself to Dalaran and proceed with leveling as I did last night. This should help me avoid

    Alrighty, so I was finally able to get logged in at about 830 PST which was great. I immediately pulled myself from Proudmoore to Dalaran as it's a much less populated server. I dinged 94 right at 9pm, I dinged 95 at 1030, and then I dinged 96 at 1245am. I've added both the fishing shack, and the herb garden before the 3am daily reset, which is great. That gives me an extra harvest of herbs! I've also added the Inn today, gained 4 followers and I've leveled up a number of my followers. I was also able to put in 5 Tailoring work orders, 7 Inscription work orders, and still have enough mats for my daily CD's for tomorrow.

    All in all, I'd say that today has been a very productive day. The super long wait time was frustrating, as well as the server issues for about 20 minutes as soon as I logged in, however the day did indeed end on a very good note.
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    Hello guys, and update from Friday, November 14th!

    I got off work at 4:30pm, and was logged in and waiting in queue at around 5pm PST Friday. I had about 4800 pepole in front of me, which is understandable considering it was a high pop server, just after launch, on a prime time Friday night. It's now 12:23 PST Saturday and I've only got 306 people in front of me. It has taken over 6 and a half hours for me to move 4500 places. This wouldn't be so bad, as I was planning on playing for the entire weekend to avoid having to log out and hit the queue. If I have to log out for sleep, I was going to just log out, then log in and get in queue while I slept for 3 or 4 hours.

    There's just 1 problem. Blizzard has announced that there is also a 6 hour maintenance at 3am PST. We all know that those maintenance times are extended by at least an hour, although usually 2 or 3 hours, about 80% of the time. Apparently, they are doing some actual hardware updates, so I am hoping that this allows them to increase the number of people they are allowing on each server right now, as they currently have it cut down to allow for better game play at the expense of longer queue times.

    This means that I'll have spent over 7 hours in queue, gotten to play for about 2 hours, then had to wait for a 6-8 hour maintenance before I can jump into a mid-day weekend queue of a fairly high pop server. If were looking at 4-6+ hour queues on a Friday night, I don't even want to know how long I will be looking at later today! I mean, I expected server issues in Draenor with lag and such from the sheer volume of people. I also expected 1-2 hour queues, maybe even 3 hours at peak times.

    I've been actively leveling a DK on my second account while in the Proudmoore queue. I've chosen a tiny server for it specifically because it doesn't have a queue time of more than 5 minutes. At this point, I may be better off leveling him from 55-100 and just paying for a server and account transfer with him in a few weeks when the queues are gone. If I go with a Barn, and I take Leatherworking and Skinning, I could bring a massive stockpile of mats and bloods over with him. Being on a high pop, very well progressed server, this could be extremely profitable, and it may be worth the $25 transfer cost with the amount of time that I'd save myself.
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    Well hello guys! So it's now Saturday afternoon, and I've been in game since about 2:30pm PST, after having a 6 hours queue. With that said, my DK is now level 70 from just leveling during yesterday and todays queue times, which is awesome.

    Also, so it actually only took me about 11 minutes to finish off lvl 96, which is great. 2:41pm, I dinged 97, so just 1 more level, or the rest of Spires of Arak, before I can upgrade my Inn to level 2. It turns out that I cannot stand the Spires of Arak zone. At all. I don't know why, but I just don't like that entire zone. Anyways, I hit 98 at about 4:30pm and then got DC'd about 20% in, so I've been stuck in queue again for a few hours

    If Spires is my least favorite zone, Nagrand just might be my favorite zone so far. I've got all of my buildings at level 2, so I'm just waiting to hit level 100 so I can add the last building slots and level those up too. I've got a follower for both the Inscription and the Tailoring buildings, which is fantastic. I think my next Inn recruited follower is going to be for the Herb Garden. I'm going to need a boatload of herbs, so the follower will be a massive help.

    Alright, so I've managed to hit level 100 on my warlock, which rocks. Unfortunately, I have a few more alts to get to at least 96 (for herb garden) before I can really play the level 100 content. So far though, I've got my Warlock to 100, my DK to 91, and my Druid is 90, but only 10% from 91. I should be back on after the football game today since my servers queue times are down to 20-30 minutes.
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    Well guys, it is currently 8pm PST, and I've got my Warlock to 100, as well as my Druid is 94 and my Priest is 91. I'm hoping to have my Druid hit 100 by Thursday night, and I want to be working on getting my Priest up to 96 by then. I'm definitely using a lot more herbs than anticipated initially. I apologize for not updating sooner, or more often, however I've been super busy lately.

    Alrighty folks, I apologize for not updating sooner. Work has been crazy lately, and I only have 1 day off this weekend due to a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving next week. So far, I've had to make a few changes to my original plan. I was initially going to level my first 6 characters from 90-100 before moving on to the next character. With the number of herbs that I am using however, combined with how slowly garrison resource gaining is, I am now leveling them to 96 first, then on to the next one. After my main 6 are all 96, I will begin the process of going from 96-100. This should give me a few extra herb gardens, a few days earlier. It should also get me that much closer to level 3 mines and herbs on my account. With all of the scribes that I have, I feel as though this is really going to help make a difference.

    So far, my Warlock is 100, and has been for quite some time now. Additionally, my Priest is now level 96, and I am working on my Druid. He is currently 94 with about 40% experience. I am anticipating hitting 96 with him today, and then working on my DK. My goal for the end of today is as follows:

    Warlock -- 100
    Priest -- 96
    Druid -- 96
    DK -- 92
    Rogue -- Have garrison built to gain passive resources
    Monk -- Have garrison built to gain passive resources
    Paly -- Have garrison built to gain passive resources
    Warrior -- Have garrison built to gain passive resources
    Shaman -- Have garrison built to gain passive resources
    Mage -- Have garrison built to gain passive resources
    Hunter -- Have garrison built to gain passive resources
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    Alright guys, just got a quick update for now. I should be able to level up a bit after work today, but I'm working a split shift until after Thanksgiving so I've got about a 4.5 hour lunch that I'm using to play my main, with leveling done after I'm off work each day. I did just want to clear up some possible confusion. is indeed BoE. I made one today, barked it in trade once and had 6 whispers immediately. Threw out a number of 125k, and that i had other interested in parties, had a guy offer 150k for it. Bought all of my for less than 2k, with many of them around 1500g during the week. Not a bad way to make about 120k profit. So far I've made just under 200k, with the extra 80k coming from mostly from gouging the herb markets and DE'ing and selling all of my green, blue and purple quest items. It helps that I've got quite a few toons between 100-90, with an enchanter on a second account to use for DE'ing quest reqards.