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  1. Profession Kits - An Adventure to Millions, The Last Breath Part 1

    Everybody who knows and works with Profession Kits - me included - is whispering in the winds that profession kits will be dead in WoD.
    This is true.
    Since you can level up professions with your garrison quite easily through work orders or whatever. But they are not dead yet, quite the opposite. For those of you who don't know what Profession Kits are, please read this thread.

    Personal Thank You

    I'd like to thank @Namssob ...

    Updated October 21st, 2014 at 06:04 PM by tedj

    Mists of Pandaria , World of Warcraft
  2. Making gold from scratch, what's the plan?

    I think it is worth mentioning what my actual characters are. Throughout WoW, since Vanilla, I've always had a "trinity" of characters. So this is three characters I keep PVE ready, in order to rotate if required. Having RAF on Stormscale, I've a choice of pretty much any class I want, as mostly all of them are now 80. But here is what I am planning.




    There is room for change here, ...
  3. DOC's blog, an introduction.

    Hey all,

    I've been a longtime lurker on this forum over the years. I started getting interested in making gold during WOTLK when I found myself unemployed, and needing something to do outside raiding. What started as something to fill the void, turned into one of my favourite aspects of the game. As with anything, I figured the best place to find advice would be the internet, and quickly enough Google brought me to your fair community.

    Only in the last few months have I ...
  4. Finding Dominant Battle Pets: A Very Preliminary Analysis

    One of the features I'm most excited about with the new expansion is pet battles. I was pretty into collecting in-game companions (161 pre-patch) but never got into TCG or Blizz store pets so I was far from a completionist. With almost triple the number of pets AND something useful to do with them, collecting just became even more compelling!

    I didn't have access to the beta, so I haven't been able to test out details of how the system works. I also haven't seem much theorycrafting ...
  5. [Preview] Two Weeks...

    This is a preview of the post I'll be putting up on my actual blog tomorrow.

    ...Well, a little more than that, but since MoP will hit at midnight, may as well say two weeks. Just to reiterate, here's my goals in the next expansion:

    Short Term

    1. Realm First Warlock
    2. Be geared in time for the release of the first raid; start leveling all professions to max.
    3. Raid; level all other 85 characters to 90.

    Long Term

    1. Progression raid

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    Mists of Pandaria , World of Warcraft
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