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  1. Hatchy's Introduction (Was written in April and forgot to publish. Update coming)

    Hello everyone.

    Like most on this forum, I have come to appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is provided to us. I wanted to start this blog so that, perhaps, any newcomers embarking on their path to goblinhood could see that these methods do work.

    I suppose the first thing I should do is properly introduce myself and provide a bit of background information. I have been an avid player of WoW since Vanilla. As soon as I started the game, I caught the bug and I've never ...
  2. Making gold from scratch, what's the plan?

    I think it is worth mentioning what my actual characters are. Throughout WoW, since Vanilla, I've always had a "trinity" of characters. So this is three characters I keep PVE ready, in order to rotate if required. Having RAF on Stormscale, I've a choice of pretty much any class I want, as mostly all of them are now 80. But here is what I am planning.




    There is room for change here, ...
  3. DOC's blog, an introduction.

    Hey all,

    I've been a longtime lurker on this forum over the years. I started getting interested in making gold during WOTLK when I found myself unemployed, and needing something to do outside raiding. What started as something to fill the void, turned into one of my favourite aspects of the game. As with anything, I figured the best place to find advice would be the internet, and quickly enough Google brought me to your fair community.

    Only in the last few months have I ...
  4. [Cross-Post] Pinging The Radar

    Just posted this on my gaming blog, figured I'd share it here.

    It was bound to happen, I suppose. I've registered with several gold-making sites and blogs in the last few weeks, and have even started to post a few things here and there. I shouldn't have been surprised when I actually received a message from one of the bigger AH players on my PvE server, saying they'll be rooting me on come Sept. 25th, and that they'll see me in the AH.

    How does one respond to something ...
  5. GSSH - Wanamaker Recap

    This was longer but there is a 10,000 character limit in Blog posts

    TLDR: I achieved some goals with my flawed strategy and learned some things in the process. Thanks to everyone involved. Multi-boxers rule.

    My Thanks!
    First, I would like to thank @Sterling @Sinshroud @calianna @Kathroman for putting this contest together. It was well thought out and administered efficiently. ...

    Updated June 28th, 2012 at 09:00 AM by Wanamaker

    Journals , World of Warcraft
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