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  1. Consortium Staff Blog

    This blog is hopefully going to end up as a collaboration between some of the Mods/Admins here at the Consortium. We haven't really talked about what we'll write about, but I'll start off by sharing some of my thoughts about the Site and the Community in general.

    I've been a member of the Consortium for about a year and a half now, and have been casually involved in the gold-making community for probably close to 2 years. I made an account at The Consortium probably after my second ...

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  2. Handling all glyphs on one character.

    I have created the attached addon to help me optimize my glyph operations.

    My Reasons
    The dumpster addon was nice but now that there are 405 glyphs spamming the key over and over got annoying to make the swap, also all the chat spam was too much. Another annoyance was that I posted group 1, then 2, then 3. When they would expire, they would come out of the mailbox in the reverse order (first in, last out). This caused me to have to grab group 3, gather up the mail, then to ...

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  3. Test Blog Post

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  4. Mop cooking prep

    So I've been thinking about what the changes to the cooking profession coming in mists will mean for opportunity to make gold in the next expansion. They are as follows,
    1) cooking looks like it will be much more interesting for people to have, so there are likely to be a lot of people leveling it for the first time
    2) cooking has always been a long, relatively tedious grind to level outside of pilgrims week, simply because not a lot of mats are found on the AH
    3) monks may want ...
  5. AuctionDB: Under the Hood - Part 1

    TSM_AuctionDB is the third most popular of the TSM modules (Crafting is #1 and Auctioning is #2). The vast majority of TSM users rely on it as their primary source of pricing data; whether they are viewing its data in the tooltips of items, or using as part of a price source (or custom price) for one of the other modules. As with ItemTracker and WoWuction, the AuctionDB module does not provide any significant user interface, and for those who use the TSM Application, runs completely in the background. ...

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