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  1. If you were allowed only 1 TSM operation, what would the formula look like?

    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyolsenblues View Post
    My go to simple way to do TSM
    Min Restock Quantity = 1
    Max Restock Quanity = 1
    Min Profit = 20g

    Mostly I post glyphs and rare cut gems 200g - 20g range.

    I buy MoP herbs at max 20g a stack, so all my common inks at most are 4g each.
    I buy Ghost Iron Ore/Kyp at 2g each, so my rare gems I cost at 40g.
    I make Primal Diamonds every day with my tillers and songbell seeds, and I sell them for at least 180g each uncut so they fly off the