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If you were allowed only 1 TSM operation, what would the formula look like?

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Quote Originally Posted by jimmyolsenblues View Post
My go to simple way to do TSM
Min Restock Quantity = 1
Max Restock Quanity = 1
Min Profit = 20g

Mostly I post glyphs and rare cut gems 200g - 20g range.

I buy MoP herbs at max 20g a stack, so all my common inks at most are 4g each.
I buy Ghost Iron Ore/Kyp at 2g each, so my rare gems I cost at 40g.
I make Primal Diamonds every day with my tillers and songbell seeds, and I sell them for at least 180g each uncut so they fly off the ah.

I personally don't like other posters to use a "fly off the ah" method because ...

#1. You lose all the profit between the last post and your super undercut post.

#2, When an item is undercut so drastically, not only does that poster lose profit, but when others undercut that super undercut post, the profit is lost till the next reset to a higher price.

Would suggest undercutting by 1 copper, 2 silver, or even 1 gold. The customer will buy whoevers post is lowest. We are not playing the Price is Right and you get the sale if you are closest to the bid. Please don't throw away profit for you or your fellow goblins.