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Becoming complacent? Need to spice up your gold life? Spend it all!

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Okay first a little editorial to my previous entry, which in some sense I knew would be coming as I was writing it. There is still money to be made in the BoE market, as later in patches people devalue goods greatly allowing for prime snatching and resale. However itís important to know what and what not to invest in. Boots and wrists are obviously so easy to obtain no one is going to pay high prices for them anymore. Similarly legs, gloves, and chests all seem to be fairly common and allow for little profit. If you want to continue flipping look for the items people always want (weapons, trinkets, rings), this is where the real profit still lies.

Recently Iíve found myself becoming complacent with gold making, trying to get the same excitement from huge flips earlier in the expansion. The problem is the same profit margins are harder and harder to come by, ultimately resulting in me investing less and hindering my income even more. Some time ago I began investing mainly in pets in mounts for the upcoming expansion, if not to make profits at least to resist inflation. My gold pile has dwindled to the point where last night, after bidding and winning on some items that were too good to pass up, I was left sitting on 9k gold after having over 600k gold a little over a month ago. Panic initially set in, as Iíve always had the mindset that the more liquid gold I have, the easier it is to make more. In some sense this is true, because I could easily miss out on snatching up some great deals with such little gold. But I soon realized this was a blessing in disguise. Over the months Iíd begin neglecting items with profit margins of 50 or even 100 gold, thinking they werenít worth the time compared to the usual 1k+ flips. With my renewed urge to dig myself out of the hole Iíve found myself in, I began buying up literally anything I could make more than 10 gold on. Even though these flips arenít on the scale Iíve grown accustomed to doing as of late, a bunch of small flips quickly add up. Iím already starting to see a greater return that Iíve noticed in the past few weeks for only flipping maybe one or zero big ticket items a day. So if you find yourself getting bored with gold-making the solution might be as simple as disposing all of your liquid gold, it worked for me!

I know some people are hesitant to take such a drastic step so here are a couple additional ideas to spice up your goblin life. If the idea of investing all your gold puts you off, make a new toon and only send it a few thousand gold and see how quickly you can build it up. Youíll still be forced to focus on numerous smaller flips, which is the key to turning large profits in my scheme, while retaining the option to buy big ticket items if they should pop up on another account. Additionally, you could try starting over on a different server to test out a different economy and see how quickly you can go from nothing to a main player in the economy. The latter option doesnít fit my tastes, because I got into gold making solely to buy TCG items without being forced to put any more money into the game than I had to pay to subscribe. However if youíre not opposed to paying to transfer your cash pile to your main server later, this is another great option.

Well thatís all Iíve got for tonight, hopefully someone reads this and finds it beneficial! Comments, criticisms, or general conversation are always appreciated!

Updated April 12th, 2012 at 12:35 AM by Aimis

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  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    For me, when I get complacent, I just take an all out break form it. I'll let my auctions expire and go do some PvP for a few weeks, or I'll level an new alt or hit up LFR.

    It's hard to stay at it full time without tangible goals and a decent challenge. If only there were some sort of external competition to keep everyone motivated...