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Time to leave the BoE market

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Well I've never been one to blog, but I figured I'd become more active around here with the hope of learning a few more ways to make some gold, so here it goes...

A quick background, I entered the gold making game at the beginning of the year focusing entirely on flipping. I know there's a ton of money to be made through professions, but with a busy school/work schedule I don't have the time to constantly prospect/mill/shuffle or whatever else people do. So I focus on flipping because I can quickly scan the AH a couple times a day, throw up my auctions and go. Since beginning three months ago with about ~20k gold, I've manage to flip my way to 700k+ profits (although sadly most of that has since disappeared for mounts).

Back to the topic, over the past two months I've found that one of my favorite money makers was flipping BoEs. Greens were great because you could make 100-200 gold each, they were extremely easy to buy, and they sold very easily. Epics, although harder to find at a good price, when picked up cold be flipped for 1-2k+ easily, and sold within a day or two. Yet since the announcement of MoP beta, prices have seemed to fall dramatically. On my server I'm now commonly finding pieces at <40% of their value often with 3+ available. While resetting has crossed my mind, the fact that so many of these pieces aren't selling leads me to believe they won't at a higher price. Plus if I can't get rid of them quickly, more are going to enter the market as less people need them now, and I'll be stuck with pieces I'll never be able to sell. This leads me to believe that the need for epics to enter DS has come and gone, and most people have their toons geared the way they would like going into MoP. While I know this isn't entirely true and some people will still buy epics, my experience seems to show that gearing is coming to an end and it's time to drop out. After all, once MoP hits anything that hasn't sold yet probably isn't going to sell for any decent profit. Looks like it's time to start focusing on stockpiling for MoP.
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  1. jimmyolsenblues's Avatar
    I posted a thread awhile back on this topic, how I lost gold buying epic recipes learning them and now I will never be able to make back my original investment:
    Announcement of Beta Testing and all your epic learned recipes and mats?
    Ok, great they announced beta testing early, and now I am sitting on epic weapons, epic recipes that I learned, plate recipes that need essence of they are worth a lot less today.
    The announcement of beta testing is the real end for raiders.
    They know common gear in MoP will be better than the best 397 gear in Cata.
    Very sad for my extensive stocks of items and already learned and paid dearly for recipes.
    I ran those stupid Fireland Dailys for those stupid Tree tokens...Never ever worth it...the gear did not sell...I am pissed