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Day 1 of contest - Back at the medium pop roots..

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Disclaimer: I am not a writer, I often miss a mistake I've made even reading over my entire thing thrice sometimes. I do try though. My posts will be written as I do them making them sound like I'm telling a story that is happening that instant, rather than writing about the past. Please let me know if this is hard to read for any reason. I will see what I can do. Edit after posting: It seems a lot of formatting gets trashed between notepad++ -> to this. So.. I'll be spacing a lot to avoid walls of text

With the announcement of the realm I immediately checked realmpop, and wowprogress to see the statistics, and to determine if I really needed to pick a faction over another.

All the statistics lead torwards choosing horde but my inexperience with horde presents an unneeeded barrier. They were close enough but, not favoring the horde too much that I will choose to go Alliance.

I bookmarked Alliance-Magtheridon on TUJ immediately, and imported all my notifications. I had to choose to delete a faction on one of the realms I market on because I was at 997/1000 notifications.
I feel that using every resource you have is important so it is best to do this up front rather than later.

I will be creating 2 Death Knights, and once I feel comfortable I will be creating a character on my alternate account for auctioning. I don't think I'll reveal my name if at all possible.

My reasoning behind Death Knights is that they are the most consistent class for the goals of this contest. Through experience I know they are the strongest solo class, and one of the best farming classes. It is easy to get gold on them w/o relying on auctioning up front.

The reason behind 2 Death Knights is I will use the cross realm functionality that I posted when it was introduced. It is a great way to get some startup gold, easily.

Addons that will be used that matter:
Auctioneer (for auction window UI)
Jamba(only used initally to get my DKs out of Acherus faster.)

I was immediately invited to a level 25 guild as soon as I logged in. Not bad.
I got my DKs out of Acherus, chose Blood for my main spec. Blood is the best soloing spec in the game. There is no question about it, and it is very easy to play. The first thing I'm doing is running molten core via cross realm. I figure this will be a better start than how I started out on Tichondrius by selling vendor cats with the 6g a DK
leaves Acherus with.

Started out with 31g, 75s, 79c. The total after defeating Ragnaros in gold is 233g, 85s, 3c. after vendor total is 346g, 35s, 26c. I'm a rich lv.58 for starting fresh.

After exiting Molten Core I've gone to Stormwind to set up TSM groups to sell [Fiery Core] , [Essence of Fire], [Sulfuron Ingot], and [Lava Core]. I will end up vendoring all of them other than the Sulfuron Ingot if they don't sell in a reasonable time. They aren't worth the effort. I posted some misc greens I got, and my blue loot off Ragnaros.
Total value of current auctions = 733g. Not bad. I ran MC for the boss gold, and the lucky chance for a [Blood of the Mountain] and [Sulfuron Ingot]. The ingot however doesn't sell for as much as it used to because people have realized they can solo MC these days.

This now gives my starting character 300g to play with, and my auction character enough to post auctions with. I check the Great Deals page on TUJ now that I have some gold to find one green for possible transmog sale. Outside of stormwind I've decided to pick up some cats to sell to hopefully raise some quick & easy gold. I bought 2 of each cat for now. I need all my gold so dropping a bp worth is not worth it to me currently.

Now starts the leveling journey. I will be hopping straight into battlegrounds to get grand marshall gear, and then save up for a full brutal gladiator set for 70. Optimizing my DK matters for this. I do not believe I will have to go past 80 for this, but I will see when I get to 70. I was soloing most of the content that the recipes in this contest come from at level 80 in wrath before Blood was broken consistently, and easily Cata greens is also going to make this much easier. I'm hoping this ends up enjoyable by only limiting myself to 80. DK is too ez mode steam roll otherwise.

Won my first battleground. Got awesome bonus honor. Won & lost some others, and hit level 60. I was going to buy an [Grand Marshal's Claymore] but, I got to the vendor and realized it's not so much of an upgrade.. I can probably save some time honor farming @ 70 by keeping this 300 honor.

Thought about buying flying, went to the vendor to purchase it and it costed 250g. I'll pass for now. I picked up an Tabard of Stormwind. I will get exalted easily, and reduce the price so I can buy it for a lot cheaper.
That was too much gold to spend currently.

Decided to go back to the auction house while queueing up for Ramparts and got an [Damaged Necklace] 29g. Posted it for 200g.

I got into ramparts and started thinking about professions. I guess I will get this out of the way on the first day. I have NO plans to use professions for this.

They are not needed. They turn the gold game into another grind game. I don't enjoy it. It took an incident where I lost all my inspiration to continue the profession grind to realize that we tell people not to farm because it's low GPH compared to alot of other stuff, it's not fun, and that it takes alot of time. Then we have prospecting/milling/etc. It takes us the same amount of time if not more to process through them, it's equally mindless, and not fun.

Who's actually the winner here? Not really anyone. The farmer has only farmed enough to get some daily gold goal, or it was just from doing quests while mining. He has now sold on this on the auction house to the processors, and cut out the extra labor he would have spent doing it himself earning 50% of the value that processors will get out of the processed materials. Now the processor has to prospect/mill/craft to earn that other 50% to make it worth his time.

This is usually double the amount of time it takes to farm itself. The perk of being the processor is that they aren't "locked" into buying from one guy. They can buy many materials, and earn huge profit through several different markets.
I will call this "picking your poison". You're either the farmer, and or the processor, and or the crafter. This is where you have to decide if your time is worth more than the gold you will make spending 85% of your gametime doing what is said above.

I made the decision after the incident to not needlessly grind professions. There is much other ways to earn consistent coin to make yourself sufficent, and happy with what you have. Flipping is fun, it does not take much effort. It is consistent if you know what you are doing, and maximize the usage of your resources. Death Knight fun is also what I will be doing. Basically, enjoying the game is the goal.

11:10 PM - Got one of the patterns needed for the contest @ 125g.
11:14 PM - Got another one of the patterns needed for the contest @ 145g

Down to 59g. No big deal.

Time to farm a [Mechanical Chicken] The easiest huge flip for little spent time.

Ok, I lied. This has taken over an hour and I still haven't gotten the Hinterlands beacon. Feel free to not listen to me further.
12:20 AM Finally got it. Holy (insert word here)

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  1. Acry's Avatar
    There may be an extra day.. My sleeping has been so off it's hard to keep track. Nothing interesting has been happening either :/

    Day 2

    Woke up. Finished my mechanical chicken. Posted for 10k.
    There was a black tabby on the ah for 1k. I'm poor. Sadface.
    Total value of auctions - 13748g

    Got a bloodscale chest running ramparts. I had picked up the legs for 20g last night as well. Lucky me.

    After taking a few hours nap, I have sold nothing. I LOVE medium pop.

    Did some cross realm H-Ramparts and N-Ramparts, and blood furnance. Didn't really get anything worth mentioning.

    during those Picked it up.

    Sold cata blue, [Staff of Solemn Secrecy] for 525g. Got it for 60g. Yummy.

    I'm @ 1200g.

    Day 3

    Got another one of the patterns needed @ 150g.

    I'm going to say anyone relying on transmog for this is going to be quickly frustrated. They aren't selling fast, or well, for high price.

    7:26 PM - I'm at 2k gold. Level 65 DK . 900 honor. Level 70 is going to be instant gear yum yum.
    7:45 PM - Another pattern for the contest @ 90g.
    7:47 PM - Bought [Blinkstrike] for 1k. Huge investment for me currently.
    Updated May 5th, 2012 at 06:46 PM by Acry
  2. Acry's Avatar
    Day 4 - Stats & stuff

    11:40 AM Nothing interesting has really happened.. Medium pop is so boring..

    3:40 PM - Got 2 of the needed patterns.. 50g and 10g. Think I already have one of them.. oh well.
    4:37 PM - another one of the needed patterns @ 200g

    Stats of main character

    Stats of auctioneer

    [Plans: Spiked Deathdealers]
    [Pattern: Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes]
    [Pattern: Swiftstrike Shoulders]
    [Plans: Treads of Destiny]
    [Pattern: Boots of the Long Road]
  3. Acry's Avatar
    Day 5

    10:07 AM Woke up to

    7:21 PM
    [Pattern: Swiftheal Mantle] gotten
    [Pattern: Living Earth Shoulders] gotten
    [Plans: Swiftsteel Shoulders]

    10:18 PM - Figured I'd let you know nothing is really happening. Medium pop is so bore. Heres some screenshots from what's happened lately.

  4. Acry's Avatar
    Day 6
    Same thing as before. Meh.

    Mechanical Chicken sold. Great way to get starting gold. Anyone that hasn't done it yet is silly Wish I had more to write/show, though.
  5. Acry's Avatar
    Day 7
    I set up arbitrage and pushed 3k over to horde side on Mag. Got 2 patterns I needed for the contest.

    Yay. Spent 5k buying 2 of the sunwell patterns..
  6. Acry's Avatar
    Decided to make this public. There is nothing going on for me. I do the standard routine. log on, repost, check for any patterns, check tuj great deals, log off. I hope someone is doing something crazy and fun. Please feel free to use any of these strategies if you haven't used any of them, and are in the competition.

    A quick summary of what has gone on:

    I quit leveling, there was no reason to any further. I had already set up well beyond what I expected. Farming the patterns would kill this completely for me because farming is not fun :/
    I sold stuff. I had a COD sale recently, 5k for [Schematic: Major Recombobulator]

    Strategy recap:
    Cross realm raiding is a superb way to get starting gold.
    Snatch lists are awesome.
    Mechanical Chicken is A+++ strategy, It has not failed me the 2x times I've used it for starting gold.
    I highly recommend doing vendor runs, they worked really really well for me on Tichondrius. I didn't do anything but cats this time, because I couldn't be bothered.
    TUJ great deals is awesome, yay!
    Cata blues = easy gold.
    Transmog = super meh. It works but it could be so much better if this server wasn't a medium pop.
    Professions are the bore.
    No effort gold making = fun..if you actually play that server.

    Now for the stats

    Updated May 13th, 2012 at 01:33 PM by Acry
  7. Acry's Avatar
    Small update.. I now have 100k. Someone seemed to of transfered in and bought anything and everything rare that I snatched.