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Making gold w/o the daily profession grind currently, and hopefully in MoP

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Yay for Consortium now having a blog section where I can type walls of text with no real goal. Perhaps, I'll do this quite often, or maybe not. I don't know if blogging is for me yet so we'll see... However, here's what I'm doing now..

I got tired of the grind within the last few months, and have found lots of different flipping methods that require little effort to maintain a nice stream of gold to my pocket. I like to call it "Wealthy welfare". While I'm not making the easy stream of gold that occurs from endless prospecting, and disenchanting my pocket is not getting dent by my constant expenses. Somehow with this I've gone from a "save all my money" while I shuffled my way to a mil, to "spend spend spend on whatever I want" after dropping the profession grind.

Here's some of the simple things I've been doing

1. Tuj notifcations: Gosh, these are 100% the best thing for laziness. I love them. Anything on my notification list is usually dirt cheap when I pick them up and they will sell overtime for 4k, 5k, etc. I use an edited list of @Sterling 's from the snatch list thread by @calianna
Items you should have on your Snatch list

2. Cata Blue BoE flipping, 378 HoT epic flipping: I made my posts about this - however I went into better detail to it more efficiently than I am. I currently just watch the great deals page on TUJ.

3. 359 epic flipping: I didn't write anything up about this because I figure it only works efficiently on a high pop( I was also told its probably a crap shoot). However, I've been flipping items such as [Dory's Finery] [Dizze's Whirling Robe] that I get for dirt cheap for 2.4k-2.5k easily.

4. Great Deals page on TUJ: Another invention for the laziness that works in my favor. I love this page. A lot of times it just has random crap on it, but when I check it constantly I can always find one or two things a day that will flip well.

This is all the big things I can name off top of my head that matter in my self named "wealthy welfare". I'm hoping to figure out a way to earn gold in MoP consistently rather than randomly off these sort of methods. The profession grind just isn't fun compared to this. We'll see when MoP rolls around closer. If you have any ideas of any future ways or current ways to add to my little methods let me know, I'm interested!

However, I plan to play Guild Wars 2, and continue my gold making endeavors there in the future. Loving how the game looks according to the press that played it, and misc videos I've seen on the web. Press says it's everything it's hyped up to be, and more. I'm hoping the same. It's the type of game I've been wanting from an MMORPG for several years now.

Hope my first blog post helps you out

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