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    My specialty is rare and epic recipes, All professions. Always overcut you can and it works for the most part. Many AHers are greedy just like you and will follow the "Pros" lead. Try using a 2nd banker that cant be connected to you, to create your own overcut scenario. Works well!

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    I've started posting certain items at above-average prices lately. Partly to sell at a profit and partly to train everyone's add-ons to expect the higher prices.

    As an example, I've been looking at crafted LW gear that monks would probably be interested in, particularly the power-levelers. Deviate Scale Belt is a perfect example, as the patten is no longer available so there will be no competition from new LWers and it is arguably BIS for the 20s-30s level range, and it doesn't go in a BoA slot. The average in the past on my server was around 200g per belt, and i've been selling a few at 750g lately, I'll likely keep pushing the price up as MoP gets closer.

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    Glyphs are another great one to overcut on. I get frustrated when I see a bunch of glyphs between 1-20g. You know people only have to buy them once. There is no reason someone should get a glyph for a gold. So on my server I started thresholding at 60g and resetting to 999g99s99c. Basically 1000g fallback. Everyone is using TSM that sells glyphs, regularly. 90% of them don't use thresholds, as glyphs are cheap to make and so much variety you can lose money on a couple and still come out way ahead.

    Anyways, what I found over the last several months is 1) People will pay 1000g for a glyph. I sell many of them at that price each day. 2) Since it is a highly competitive market, every time I reset a glyph to 1000g, I have much more time before it loses value and gets below my threshold. People undercutting me at 1000g is a lot better than being undercut at 100g. 3) My average glyph sell price has jumped to just under 400g, since I've been doing this.

    One of my competitors likes to post all glyphs for 40g. No matter what his cap is 40g. I just keep the reset at 1000g and his sell early and then they're stuck with mine until he relists or makes more. To illustrate this point better, he has to sell 25 glyphs to earn what I make on one. And at 40 gold per, he probably had at least 10g worth of mats in each glyph, so his profit percentage is much lower as our mat cost are the same. Even if he farms herbs his time is factored in as cost and is more costly than buying them when I can get them for less than 20g a stack for cata herbs.

    A lot of people do start screaming in trade when a glyph they need is 1000g. I'm usually on an alt when I see this. I've known all the glyphs for a long time, but I like to tell them that as long as non-inscriptionists can charge us 2-5k gold for a book of glyph mastery, we can charge what we want for the glyphs. And then I tell them to feel free to level an inscriptionist and make their own. Most people know they only have to buy them once. Many buy the whole set for their toon, at whatever price is available at the time they decide to buy them.. Overcutting glyphs is extremely profitable. It dramatically shifts the market north. Every time I cancel and repost at least 10 glyphs go back to my reset price.

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    My favorite item to overcut on as of late is .

    I post them at 25g per no matter how low the listings have gone and they still sell pretty frequently. Alot of people out there don't realize the Greaters can split into 3.
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    I've been overcutting . In fact, I just sold a stack of 5 for 291g I normally sell them for 25g each in stacks of 5, 10, or 20 but they were higher today and I overcut anyway :P

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    I was reading through some past threads and noticed this and felt it deserved to be brought up to remind folks about how valuable this tactic can be. Some examples I use :

    - Buy cheap ore and bars from wrath and Cata that are used to level BS and Engineering (new mounts, bet there will be folks swapping to engy to craft some). Smelt the ore to bars and list at a set price. For example, I buy any ore that pops up below 3g50s and post bars with 10g min, 20g normal (adjust prices to suit your needs) -- be sure to set TSM to post at your normal price if the minimum is under your threshold. These bars fly off the shelves, even if there are auctions below yours as people buy the cheap auctions, realize they need 1 more stack of bars, and bite the bullet.

    -Bottleneck profession items - check some profession guides, look for places in level that require specific herbs or gems, these will sell even if significantly overcut.

    These two examples won't make you filthy rich, but are both low time investment ways to make just that little extra if you are shopping smartly so the GPH, at least in my experience, is very high.

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    Bumping an old thread, but like shaddamv said, it deserves attention.

    I do this all the time, its literally free gold. Ignore all undercuts and just post at a high price. Works exceptional with fast moving mats like legion herbs/ore/ghost iron/saronite etc.

    Your target audience is lazy people. Works better the more stacks you have up on the auction house. (I generally have 50-100 stacks).



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