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    Before I had TSM, I got a Bronze Whelping and put it on AH for 100g not knowing it was rare
    I was over tired and put a crimson whelpling on for 2500g instead of 25k....tired or drunk.

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    Near the end of MoP I was getting burned out. Woke up one morning to my account being expired. I decided to use that as my opprotunity to kick the wow habbit. I lost probably 3 to 4 million in inventory of items via expired auctions.

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    I just reupped my subscription, figured I'd post some stuff on the AH. Didn't realize that TSM didn't have any valid pricing sources, so all my rare pet drops went up for the vendor sell value... fortunately I caught it before any were sold... but someone would've have a field day getting for 10 silver...

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    I dumped 40k into Yseralline for the seeds > Pots > Oblit and made my first ever 25 Obliterum.
    Sold 3 stacks of 7 for what I thought was 2k unit price but was 2k stack price. Fml

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    Well, recently I bought for 40k gold!
    So what I learnt from that, is to check the stack size before you blindly spam the scroll wheel
    WoW Crafting and auction tool ->

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    Purchased a Bag of Starfish TCG item for mega cheap and accidentally right-clicked it when moving to my bank...RIP hundreds of thousands of gold



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