Hi All,

I'm wondering if the upcoming changes to Transmog and the addition of the Wardrobe system and achievements in Patch 7.2 will create additional gold making opportunities in the Transmog item flipping market. From my experience shoulders and wrist gear pieces do not sell well because the shoulders rarely match the rest of the set for which they are named, and the wrist pieces can't be seen under gloves/gauntlets so they are of little value when transmoging.
If the new Wardrobe system and achievements require having the complete set, including shoulders and wrists, it would stand to reason that there will be a market for them. I plan to construct a list of the shoulders and wrist items for whatever sets will be included in the requirements for the achievements. This list should also include all the transmog set items that are non BOP drops that I might find on the AH for cheep now and then re-sell them after the Patch.
Anyone else out there thinking the same thing? Would anyone like to share their thoughts and perhaps collaborate on a plan to take advantage of this new gold making opportunity?