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    TSM App Sending Multiple Emails

    This is a somewhat annoyance.

    I've been using the TSM app to warn me of cheap MoP blues for quite awhile now.

    Recently, though, its been sending 1 Email and then another 5 minutes later. In somecases i've seen it with up to 5 Emails from 1 update.

    I have tried disabling it and re-enabling it, but it hasnt done anything.

    This is a problem that i can deal with, but its cluttering up my iPod so bad lol

    In this image it was only 1 Duplicate. I didnt really feel like digging for the larger ones.

    Thanks for any responses!

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    TSM has its own subforum here:

    Specifically, you should post in this thread: and include the debug log (see the first post for instructions) in your reply.

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