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    Exporting data from TSM is posiible?

    Can i export the selling data of the addon to a doc?

    I mean, i want the statistics to be saved in a monthly bases before i delete it, so i can track in long term the market changes on my auctions, is this posible on TSM, is any other addon that can track and export my stats?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Check this thread for some interesting things[tool]-accounting-saved-variables-csv-conversion-tool.html

    Ultimately, it led me to this online tool that converts your TSM_Accounting.lua file to a CSV file.


    Good luck.

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    I would also like to save my TradeSkillMaster_accounting.lua into a excel file and have it organized.. It is very important to have sales statistics! how can I achieve this? I already searched for a solution in the consortium forums, but nothing of them worked for me. Could u please help?



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