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    Cataclysm Gathering: Ores, Bars, or Both?

    So my next curiosity, with less than a week to go...I will be spending my time gathering (both Mining and Herbalism with my dual-gatherer!)...

    For Mining - should I just sell the ores directly on the AH, smelt into bars and sell the bars, or maybe a mix of the two?

    Another idea - if you have a friend you TRUST who wants to level Mining, but doesn't want to gather... send them your ores, let them SMELT them (get the skill-ups), then send the bars back to you to sell on the AH. Hell, you could even charge for this service. What do you guys think?
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    If you post only ore, you hose the blacksmiths and engineers. If you post only bars, you are ignoring the jewelcrafters.

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    I would post 2/3rds as ore, and 1/3rd as bars. Many people will buy the ore to get skill ups, prospect, etc. I would prefer to purchase ore, because I can just send raw ore over to my DK, get her to smelt the level she's at for points, and then send them back to my main to level up engineering. For me, it kills a couple birds with one stone. This way, I can use any ore I don't need as bars for Engi, to level JC. You still want to sell the bars though, because many people don't have access to a smelter, and alchemists will be consuming Elementium and Pyrite for transmutes.

    Either way, you'll sell both ore or bars, so I wouldn't be overly concerned, I just think ore will sell better.
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    Early on, a lot of the people who hit 85 are going to be raiders with raid tradeskills. I'd probably go 50/50 early on and then drop back to 1/3 bars and 2/3 ore.

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    I've thought about this quite a bit. Surely some profession levellers will create bars from their ores to level mining, so the volume of bars will increase on the AH. Bars will still be in demand and I've stockpiled quite a lot, but ores are the way to go. I think.



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