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    Level Requirements On Gems - When Will It Happen?

    I could never figure out why enchants have level requirements, but gems do not.

    Consider that there are items with gem sockets available as low as level 40...

    It's not exactly "balanced" when two classes (paladin and shaman) can equip a relic item socketed with a Cataclysm gem at level 40.

    There's a few items with sockets (mainly relics) from level 40 through level 57.

    Then, once you hit BC content, there's rings with sockets you can get at level 60, as well as quest reward gear that you can get as low as level 60 (with a friend's help), some of which have THREE sockets.

    It would seem to me that at some point, Blizzard will HAVE to institute level requirements for gems. If that happened, we would now have an instant "twink" gem market of sorts.

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    I thought Cataclysm gems were going to have level reqs but in looking at, I'm not seeing any.

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    Good point, Krick. I'm not sure why this was never implemented in the first place, but you may be on to something here. Until then, let's keep getting rich off the gems!!
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