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    Inscription: Cataclysm Reclamation

    Well, I posted this over on the WoW professions forums, but seeing how apparently there are a lot of people who were blindsided by the Ink of Sea vendor change, I decided to also come here seeking help

    I saw on mmo-champion's listing of profession the ability of Cataclysm Reclamation

    This seems to be a way that Scribes can create recipes/patterns for other professions. These recipes seem to be ones that are lost(Polymorph:Turtle perhaps?) or maybe just low drop rate. Besides not being mentioned, on of this spells core reagants, Burned Recipe Fragments seems to be of unknown origin atm.

    This item was mentioned about page 10 of Cailianna's Items you should have on your Snatch list thread. I haven't seen any other information about this, and I was wondering if anyone who was on Beta has seen either of these items. I could see the fragments being a world drop, raid drop, Scribe only drop, or possibly a crafted item with a long CD.

    Anywho, if these is a way to create rare recipes, it could be a nice source of income. Also with Cataclysm I had an overall sense of 'Meh' when looking through the new items Scribes can make( Especially when considering that Alchemists have the potential of becoming a mount. Being able to create rare recipes would definitely increase my personal interest in Inscription.

    So, does anyone have any juicy tidbits of info on this, or ideas on how this could be implemented?

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    I personally don't have much info I can give you on this (first time I'm hearing of this) but welcome to The Consortium forums
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    Yes the spells and items are in the data. However these spells are not trainable on Beta and they do not drop off anything. Also one of the reagents the do not drop off anything at this time. Wile this may be a possibility in the future. Even if this does manage to make it live eventually I imagine the burnt fragments will only drop off a few things and in the end these will not manage to drive prices down very much at all.

    So yes if this does happen it will be a great potential money maker for Scribes. However people who flip rare Recipes and Plans will find their flips to still be profitable and perhaps even find cheaper items to flip as scribes who don't know the value start to post.
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