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    Profession Priority.

    Sterling touched on this in the sub-forum sticky about speculation, but with the expansion nearing, I thought it would be interesting to have a more specific and detailed discussion about leveling strategies.

    So, with all the speculations and beta information we've been learning, has anyone managed to come up with a "game plan" for Cataclysm?

    Who will be out there fending off the elements to farm their little hearts out for the rest of the population powering to level 84 and max professions?

    Who will be the consumers picking the AH dry of all new mats to starve the competition and get there first?

    Who is ignoring everything but that "Realm First" title?

    Let's talk game plans.

    Personally I believe my order is going to be JC/Engi, Tailor/Enchant, Alch/ Scribe and herb/mining somewhere in there too. I won't be trying too hard for any realm firsts, but bonus if I get one.
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    Step 1: Farming/gathering my heart out - purely for gold making purposes. I have a team of gatherers to go with me to help fight off mobs, and we will be splitting the proceeds. So Herbalism / Mining on my dual gatherer.

    Step 2: Level my main to 85 by questing.

    Step 3: Max out my JC and Alchemists

    Step 4: Max out my other alt professions
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    I'm considering levelling an alt first just to gather tbh. Originally I was going to go for a Realm First 85 however at the start of an expansion gathering will be king. As people with too much gold and wanting to level professions will pay basically anything within reason to get the professions levelled.

    However saying that I may level Mining or Herb over the coming weeks on my main as I may be raiding and they'll be taking whoever gets to 85 first it seems in the first few runs.

    Either way, as Namssob said: GATHERING PROFESSIONS they'll make you a ton of gold
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    Almost all post have not mentioned enchanting. I consider it as a hybrid of gathering and crafting. This will be one of the first profession I will level together with all the gathering professions as I anticipate raiding folks needing enchants within 2 weeks of Dec 7.
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    That's very true and also potentially true also for Jewelcrafting and Inscription for players who may not have been playing. I may have been hasty by saying JUST GO GATHERING, however much I stand by that as the best way to make gold from the second the servers go live, I must also add that any profession that has any demand of some sort will have gold making potential. So depending on the resources available to you, I change my recommendation to try and cover as many markets as possible and see what's turning out best and invest more in that whilst the expansion buzz is still fresh.
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    If you can grind it up fast enough to be one of the first on your server to offer either of the new end-game enchants or jewelcrafting cuts you basically get a license to print money until people catch up. Even if this window is only a few days you get to dictate price and can rapidly recoup anything you had to spend to level up either of the two professions if you're aggressive enough in your marketing.

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    My plan is the following:
    Trying for server first on my main (which has Enchanting and JC), while I level ti I'll DE everything I don't equip and sell the mats (as someone has said, Enchanting IS a sort of gathering profession). When I'm 85 I'll start to do the daily of JC to be between the first selling the new recipes... So I'm actually having both the fun of trying for the achievement and the profit of my professions.

    After that (or if I see that /who 80-85 doesn't give me any hope for the server first, and I'm starting to get bored at power-leveling (I usually prefer to read the quests)), I'll take my gatherer (mining/herbalism) and start to... gatherer. Without trying to do quest, possibly, but just running from node to node at least for the first few days.

    When the prices for ores and gems begin to drop down a little, I'll start to level JC on my main (this assuming I don't need to level JC to do the dailies... If I do, I'll figure out a way to still gain something from gathering mats while using part of them to level JC).
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    At the moment my main plan is:-
    1) To level my JC/BS first. Mainly because he is JC and he will need to start doing dailies asap to get the better patterns.
    2) Choosing between my scribe/eng and herb/alch characters.
    3) Leveling the second choice from (2). I will then have my 3 main characters leveled up.i.e. my tank, healer and PvP character.
    4) Leveling other alts based on what i feel my needs are profession wise. along with messing around with my gobbo as the mood takes me.

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    1) Server first 525 Fishing. I figure it will be something that is over in the first three hours of server uptime.
    2) I'll spend the next four days of my time off Gathering!
    3) All my golds will be used to buy new mounts!
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    Yeah I'm in a pretty bad situation at the moment:

    1) Main I want to level is my warrior with JC and BS.
    2) My Inscription and Enchanting are on my Shaman which I'm bored of and don't feel like leveling.
    3) My DK has Alchemy and Herbalism
    4) My Paladin has Mining (freshly dinged 80)
    5) My Druid has Tailoring (L68 druid)

    I really should have Herbalism and Mining on my Druid and level him first. Otherwise I should be leveling my Shaman first or second for Inscription or Enchanting.

    Sadly I have a feeling I will be leveling Warrior > DK > Shaman > Paladin > Druid. Not the best combination in the best order :/
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